Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Pretty Darn Good Rug !

I just wanted to drop a quick post and say


Hi, everyone!  I'm surprised you'll even talk to me, i've been so absent... 
 i miss the luxury of perusing your blog posts. 

Instead lately i have been forced to  frantically try to catch up on your posts and read like five posts at once until i  look like a stalker...

In fact i'm at work right now and trying to sneak a quick post in...

I just wanted to show you this Dash and Albert indoor outdoor rug I purchased for the dining room... 

I really kinda like it!

 I had a sisal rug here, and was feeling it was kind of dark...

Anyway, this new rug totally brightened up the room!
I've had one little spill of coffee or soda or something on it, and i was like... ok... let's see if this cleans up well...
And yes mam it did!  

Just blotted it up with a clean damp cloth and you couldn't even tell it was ever there - so that's cool...

None of the dogs have thrown up on it yet, as they usually do within 15 minutes of getting a new rug... 
so i'll keep you up to date on how easily it cleans when that happens!

here's the link to it... got it from RugStudio, and shipping was free

Also i saw these outdoor cushions at TJ Maxx the other day
they were great colors - 

so  keep a look out for them if you like the look

usually outdoor cushions are awful colors, but I thought these were nice!

they had some blue ones with shells on them too

Ok, gotta go before i get busted doing blog posts at work! 

Geesh - I kinda thought when i was 60 years old that i would be 

living happily ever after
with normal grown up children ( oh lord help me)
maybe working part time just for fun
doing yoga and meditating
getting manicures
drinking wine
driving my pink caddie to my beach cottage
and having fun luncheons with all my friends

not sneaking blog posts from work at a job i have to have to pay my bills and buy my vodka and my vegan chocolate chip cookies from Whole Foods
(ok, i know vegan chocolate chips from Whole Foods is a luxury, i'm a brat)
oh well, whatever...
...i'm thankful for the job 
definitely for the cookies
but most of all for the vodka...

Big hugs to you guys

...the end...


  1. Cindy- I thought exactly the same way you do! Yeah- not gonna happen, is it? So much for the long leisurely morning over Starbucks and the newspaper. Oh- well- I guess it keeps us young. Lol. LOVE your new rug!!!! xo Diana

  2. not that i know, but i bet retirement is highly overrated. just how many sweaters can a mutha knit? plus none of your gal pals are gonna get together for lunch. they have facebook and would rather talk through their computers. maybe you will find a more fulfilling and less tiring job--in the mean time, i am sending you hope and a prayer to find extra reserves of strength to meet the demands of parenting and the other roles you have. don't forget who you are! you're not your job or your checking account. you are the beloved! you are a gifted artist with a soul that sings the same song mine does. feel that? hugs. michele

  3. Wonderful Cindy! What a beautiful rug! I most certainly hope to be doing some of those things on your list. :) I very much enjoyed your post today. Have a nice week! ~ Vanessa

  4. Hi Cindy, I have been missing your blog posts, and wondered why you have been absent. Now I understand. Take care.

  5. You are so funny! I love those outside cushions and your new rug. Sometimes life doesn't turn out as planned--but we still have fun--especially when drinking vodka :)

  6. haahah! I am sure you will get there some day~but for now I am enjoying you more that you are NOT there cuz you are hilarious! Love the rug, its perfect! And so are those pillows!

  7. Hahaha, Cindy you are the most real person I know of all the blogs I follow! You are just plain fun, I love it! And there is no way you are 60, I've seen your pic and if you are 60 you have found the secret to not aging at all!!! I love those cushions, I agree most outdoor cushions look horrible but those look soft and lovely. I too had visions of traveling, shopping, driving a BMW and eating bon bons. But instead the only place I travel it to take my dog to the dog park, shopping at Walmart, driving a Honda and eating M&M's oh well, I'm happy so what the heck. That rug is so pretty, love the color.

  8. I had to giggle at this post and the comment about what you would be doing when your 60, I can see that I will have to be working most of my life too. Working from home is nice though I must admit but it is only bringing in pennies not pounds :). I like your new rug it is very pretty and the cushions are gorgeous a beautiful colour. I think I have finally found a colour for my study/office I have it painted in splotches in different areas of the room and looking at it at night and day. It is a white with a hint of grey but warm as it has a little umber in it apparently. Will let you know if it turns out.

    Lee :)

  9. You are still soooo funny! I totally agree with all the yucky outdoor cushions out there! If I wouldn't put them inside my house, I will surely not put them outside either. We have missed you!

  10. I don't get around as nuch as I would like either! I'm so late to visit you! But I do love your sunny pictures and cheery striped rug! I love your cheery prose too! You're a treasure!

  11. Oh Sweetie...I soooo get it!! I'm 60, and still working. When it comes to blogging, I feel like a "period".
    I'm away for a while. Doing all the stuff a working 60 year old broad does. Then, I show up for a few days. I read posts, and leave comments, and do a couple of posts on my own blog. Then....poof! Suddenly, I disappear for a while again.
    It's all good. As long as we have the vodka. I find the caramel flavored stuff is great mixed with RumChata.
    Maybe if I'd stop ordering stuff from Joss & Main I wouldn't have to work as much as I do. Of course, I probably wouldn't have much to blog about if I stopped ordering things.
    The subject of "normal kids"....we've already talked about that, so we won't go there again.
    You eat healthy foods?! Wow, I'm impressed! I just had bacon, eggs, and fried potatoes...meh.
    I've missed coming over here....... and seeing your pretty face at my blog.
    Oh....LOVE the rug, by the way.
    Big hugs to you, sweet friend.

  12. I was just going to ask you the secret of living the good life in one's 60's. Oh well. Maybe the secret is getting excited about a chic, new rug (that the dogs haven't yet thrown up on) and forgetting all the other stuff. Does anyone have normal kids?

  13. You are such a hoot, girl. lol You wouldn't know what to do if you retired! You'd have so many projects going that you wouldn't have time to drink Vodka and eat cookies, girl! lolol I've had a couple D&A rugs in the past and love them! Yes, of course the dogs had to barf on them right away, but you know....I actually sprayed some Clorox Clean Up on the stain and bam! They were gone! D&A rugs are the best thing for furbaby owners! :)

    xoxo laurie

  14. You're Hilarious! And you've been Missed... pass around that Vodka please, clearly you've been keeping it all to yourself! *winks* I was a Whole Foods Virgin until recently... they don't have any nearby but a Friend drove me clear across the Valley to one and I'm in Love! It's near a Vegan Restaurant I also Love {tho' I'm not a Vegan} and I forgot to tell my Friend and as she's perusing the Menu she says to me, "Where's the Chicken?!" I almost wet myself laughing! *LOL* Yes, I can relate to the part about what I THOUGHT I'd be doing at this Season of Life versus my Reality of being a Custodial G-Parent and Caregiver of a Disabled Spouse and forced into an 'alleged' Early Retirement... we had to alter the Retirement Plans ever so slightly! *Bwahahahahaha!!!* Happy Easter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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