Tuesday, September 25, 2012

GAAAAAAH! I Hate change!!!

Ok, i'm gonna try really really really hard NOT to say bad words!
And i've been known to use bad words in clusters...
sorry, well, not really, It can all be quite poetic, sortof..
 But, i hate change, i hate change, i hate change!!! 

Whhhhhyyyy do they, whoever THEY are, 

( and it's usually someone you can not reach in any way at all ever)

  always change something that works perfectly fine exactly the way it is!  
Change is not always good... ok.  So never say change is good.  Just never say that...  
Now i have to get used to something else new with the new blogger look.  

And it's announced so happily as,
"The new blogger interface".  

I should never have to read the words "New Interface" again in my life.  
Or Portal... God, it's sooooooo annoying...  
(said in a very very whiney voice, with my forhead on the counter now...)

Mr. Fractured hears me bitching at my computer, and is asking what's wrong, and i'm just whinning and fussing, so he went and put on his headphones to 'listen to some music'... 

Here is a new painting i am working on...

It is NOT finished,

but i thought i'd show you the progression

 you know i want to put pink on this painting

but i'm debating on making the roses white...

 we'll see what i end up with

I guess this is my first test using the new

ok, get over it girl, stop your whining 

Below is the start... above is a week later after i let the first layer of dark background dry, and darkened it even more, that was the only change in the above photo
pretty amazing how much the contrast changes it... 

As soon as i'm finished i'll post the final painting... 
i'm a little nervous about what i will end up with when i start adding color... 

Ok, so my friend Karan, the one i always talk about with the amazing shop "Fetch"
saw some cows, and goats and donkeys on a country road when she was driving home

and she pulled over, and took photos for me for painting...
now That's a good friend.

She met the farmer who owned these animals, and he took her on his go cart for a close up
there were some goats, 
and they came running up to her bleating and stuff, and scared the crap out of her, so funny

anyway, check out this adorable creature
what is not to love about this face!?

and how many people would brave a farmer with a go cart, and really huge cows, and crazy goats, and funny donkeys, just to get a photo for their friend to paint... so freakin cool

...the end...


  1. Cindy,
    I hear ya!! I too HATE change.I agree why do we have to change something when it is working just fine! Beautiful painting! I love it white like that.Curious to see what you do to change it.Ooops No I didn't say change did I ??????

  2. Oh yes! I knew the new "face" was coming, but I hate it too! Muddling around over here... But that is one goofy darling donkey face. And what a good friend! You'll make wonderful paintings I'm sure!

  3. Now that IS a good friend! :) I love how your painting is coming along...it's gonna be a gorgeous piece! (heck, I'd hang it just like it is!) :)
    I don't like change either...I am SO not the techy person I wish I was. UGH!
    You should try windows live writer...it's SO much easier than blogger! You just download it, put in your blog name when you set it up, and off you go! :)

  4. I'm with ya Cindy! Change is tough and I don't like it either. What I do like is that beautiful painting :) and that last photo is adorable!

  5. Oh, Cindy, I've been doing the same thing! :/ I am NOT a techie type gal and these changes just send me to the ceiling and using very inappropriate language for my dog to hear. If you discover any shortcuts, hints or even a way out, let me know! :)

    The painting is totally gorgeous...as usual. I love the darker background and the artist in me suggests tips of pink on the roses. Of course, you can take that and a few dollars to Starbucks and buy a coffee drink. :) Honestly, though...I can see pink on those roses...but not solid pink.

    I'm outta here before you scream at me. LOL
    P.S. I'd say you have a wonderful friend to venture out like that for photos.

  6. So glad I popped over today, I feel ashamed though that you can get on and do so much painting when I am still procrastinating...well I am still at mums daily sorting through things and seemingly just bringing more and more home and having nowhere to store it. I am at the stage of now having to sell on Trade me (our equivelent of Ebay). Sad but I cannot possibly keep everything. Anyway, off topic.....

    I love the painting your working on, are the roses going to be white or a colour? you truly do inspire me Cindy...and talking about "Cindy" yesterday I found my old Cindy doll and all her clothes packed away in a red and white striped hatbox in a box in my mothers shed. I was so excited I brought her home and sat down with the box and went through looking at the clothes bit by bit. I am not sure if you had Cindy in the USA, she was the UK's competition for Barbie wayyyyyy back about 50 years ago. I guess now she must be vintage and maybe even worth something.

    Thank you for your post I will be following the progress of this painting so that I can be more inspired...the painting will come but I do need to sort out my studio which is now full of boxes of mums things.

    Lee :)

  7. the roses are sooooo lovely and cool, cindy. i haven't heard about new interface stuff so i'm not gonna freak yet. but i hear you, babe.

    smiles from arizona.

    btw. someday i would love to visit you and watch you paint.


  8. Oh my gosh - that painting is BEAUTIFUL! You are so talented!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  9. I'm going to look like a complete idiot here and say I never noticed what the change is. Love the painting, though! ~ Maureen

  10. Yes I had to change to the new interface also. I don't like orange, so it's not my favorite, but there are a few improvements. I hope you have adjusted, since we don't have any say in the matter.Almost forgot,I love, love your painting, wow, it's gorgeous.

  11. I just looked at your paintings which are amazing by the way. Isn't that the cow that Miss Mustard Seed or Kim at Savvy Southern Style has? I can't remember which one, but I think I've seen that cow before, and thought it was beautiful. So lovely!

  12. Hello there Cindy...
    What a lovely blog you have...
    I hope to visit often...

    Linda :o)

  13. guaaalaaay CIND!!!! that picture is... AGAIN, I have no words you are just amazing and FUN NEEE!! truly i love your posts they always make me laugh out loud or just sit with my mouth dropped open u r just a breath of fresh air in this crazy news world on fire life and i thank you, beautiful, just beautiful couldn't u just give one art lesson? lol

  14. I love looking at what you start out with when your painting. I see so many different changes along the way. I really like the look of the first picture it's intense. You really are an inspiration Cindy. I'll be curious to see what you add to the last rose of summer.
    Have a lovely evening,
    Hugs Rosemary...xoxo
    P.S. I'm not so crazy about change either.

  15. You poor girl! Pick your head up from that counter, sigh deeply, say a few choice words (yeah...I letcha), and join the rest of us who just did the exact same thing. lolol! I soooo know what you're saying. We get used to one way of doing something...and WHAMO! They change it up on us. *sigh....* Not easy being a blogger, I tell ya. :)

    You continue to completely amaze me and leave me speechless with your paintings, Cindy. Seriously. Totally. Speechless.... ♥

    xoxo laurie

  16. Yes...Yes...I agree with you! Change is so hard especially when it is technical! Enough to drive a person to drink. I must not have read about this change.......cause I have no idea what you are talking about :)
    Love the new painting.....purdy!

  17. Cindy your painting is amazing! Stunning...it looks 3D...amazing...

    I hate change too!

    Lou Cinda

  18. Cindy, how is your beautiful painting coming along?


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