Saturday, September 15, 2012

Definition of MÉLANGE : a mixture often of incongruous elements

Ok, here goes... just a melange of randomness... 

a pretty scarf i couldn't resist
isn't this the most yummy color, and it has these sweet teeny little wooden beads at the tips...

a  pile of freshwater pearls, from a broken bracelet and a thrift shop cuff

 thrift shop pearls, and broach, mixed together to make a funky necklace....

I love finding jewelry for a couple of bucks, and mixing it all up to make something new... 

i wasn't sure if i hated this pin or liked it, but something in me told me it had potential... so i grabbed it just in case

fabulous fall pears, with brown spots

just like my face before makeup goes on - sigh...
anyway, i think the freckles on the pears are so adorable and fallish  and that they're loaded with personality 

this bench is from my friends shop "Fetch"

A pile of pillows, one a vintage coral thrift shop pillow, that i just love.  
The old worn velvet has the best patina...

...and the fringe is so gloriously tattered... 

 an old cross i found at the thrift shop and updated with some good ole Annie Sloan  paint...

this was such a bad color, but i thought... this could be really pretty painted white...!

I've moved it all over the house, 
finally it ended up laying on the living room coffee table... 
i kinda like seeing it just sitting there 
completely unplanned

fall hydrangeas blooming... love these...

 they start getting a blush of pink at the tips.. i can't think of the name of them right now...

dream catcher in an empty frame...

 you are banned from noticing the picture wire behind the dream catcher... !

Yummy nail polish color i found on Pinterest, but couldn't track back to anywhere to find out the color name!
do ya'll know???

I want my hands to be all creamy white and pretty like that!
and finally, an insanely fabulous architectural piece i got from my friends shop 
 at a great price... 
traded for a painting!!! 
almost free!  
 i do the blog for her insanely fabulous shop if the voice there sounds a little familiar to you... smile

anyway,  she really liked my little atmospheric beach paintings from the last post, and grabbed the smaller one for herself...
and really, she was just being very sweet and let me have it because she knew i loved it

and when i get some extra $$$$'s, guess what i am going to put behind the panes?

a mirror!  won't that be pretty!

not my magic "mirror mirror on the wall" mirror that's behind the window now,

 it will have to find a new place in my house because i kind of love it too

 i will have the whole back side of the piece mirrored

Now that was alot of stuff!  Sorry,
and i'm pretty sure i said "thrift shop" like 32 times in this post

anyway are hereby warned!

...If you ever hear me say random melange of stuff again...
you'll know what's coming

reminds me of another quote found on pinterest
i liked this quote, it made a mess of chaos sound almost wonderful instead of disturbing

and i think melange is my new favorite word

...the end...




  1. Oh, love your new piece traded for a painting. Can't wait to see mirror behind it and where you put it. Also love the dreamcatcher in the frame--that looks awesome. I love dreamcatchers now--thanks to Tausha. :) Always love to see a new post from you. Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, forgot to say I really love the cross painted white. That was a great find!

  3. Cindy,
    LOVE that chippy piece.YES a mirror would look gorgeous.
    I think the name of that Essie color is "my private cabana".That is what it looks like to me.Pretty color.Hope you can find it :-)Pretty hydrangea's.I think I have the same variety you do.Mine are turning that same pretty color.I think they are called lime light but I am not sure.


  4. The flowers are beautiful , love the pillows too, and the cross.....Very beautiful Cindy!!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  5. Cindy... banned from noticing? Seriously... I thought that was the best part about an empty frame... the rusty piano wire against the wall!

    I loved the randomness of this post. I expect to see a painting of those pearls and brooch! No. I'm not commissioning a painting. Sorry. But... I know you can paint something just as lovely...that is my expectation! :) Pat

  6. Hi Cindy,
    Oh I love randomness, My life always feels very random! :-) The mirror idea... To die for, I can't wait to see, what a statement piece! I think this is your nailpolish color taken in a brighter light "Cute as a button"

  7. Beutiful photos-I love this and your dream catcher is perfect-I love too!!!! Vicky

  8. Everything is divine!



    Beautiful :)

    I want some of your pillows :)
    Love the perfect aged look to them, and that dream catcher is amazing with grace.


  9. Oh I love your melange of treasures but that chunk of beautiful architectural amazingness? How gorgeous! A mirror behind it will absolutely perfect!! I scrolled on down to your previous post too- so much talent you!! :)

  10. Beautiful post Cindy!! I love your photos. Love the softness of everything!!
    I like the wire behind the frame by the way. It just adds interest to me.
    Happy Sunday!
    Pamela xo

  11. melange.

    it IS delicious.

    that new piece of yours is beautiful, and i wouldn't even add a mirror for fear it will look new!

    all of your tattered lovely works magically together.

    and you know i am lovin that cross. the most beautiful symbol!!!

    love to you.


  12. A melange of beauty the old window!!

  13. So pretty Cindy! I have a few pillows with vintage velvet.. Love them! The dream catcher is such a fun piece and I like the assortment of jewelry.

  14. Such gorgeousness, Cindy! My eye went immediately to that pretty scarf and the wide, beaded bracelet! LOVE!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  15. I like your random "melange". I LOVE hydrangeas too and that scarf in the first photo is lovely!

  16. I love pillows! The more,the best!

  17. Absolutely beautiful bits of randomness.thank you for sharing. hugs and happy weekend wishes

  18. Thank you Cindy for your beautiful visit. I thought I would never figure this post out, you see blogger changed my site to the new (Interface) blogger page and I had to go through google chrome to even see the link for posting pictures. I don't get why they say its easier and a better blogger when I felt the old blogger was perfectly fine....Whew! well I made it through that challenge :)
    has blogger changed your blog site to the new interface or have you already been up and posting with the new?

    Cindy I have to thank you for your support and encouragement to what I create and the words that go along with creating :)
    You my dear friend are a lady to love :)
    Beauty and inspiration to your weekend.
    see you soon.

  19. Reading your blog makes me smile, feel peaceful, and believe that beauty is attainable. Thanks.


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