Thursday, July 28, 2011

Old Suitcases are Some of My Favorite Things

Of all the crazy things I've scavenged, the old suitcases are one of the things I like the best...

 This white one is one was $4.00 at the flea market...

Look at that amazing color on the inside !

I found some old stationary and envelopes in this one...isn't that cool... !  Remnants of someone else's past life...

is else's a real word?

 The postmark says 1952...

I love this old brown suitcase too, I like the stripes on it... it's been through alot in it's life...  I found it at the local recycling center
(the dump)
there is tape on the handle, and watermarks all over it...

 The big one at the bottom was scavenged from the "recycling center" too...

the suitcases are actually very functional  
this is where Mr. Fracturedfairytale keeps his guitar/music stuff
when he went to his family reunion at the beach this summer,
he just snapped it shut, grabbed his guitars and he was good to go!

an old hippie with long silver hair and a vintage suitcase... 
i think that's cute... 
I just love him to death...

 I wonder what ""Le Rouge Et Le Noir" means... ?
it's probably something like - 
50 ways to clean dog puke from carpet-  

but in french, it sounds so romantic...

The story of the three suitcases...

I wonder about all the places they've been...

The End....


  1. Love your posts. So interesting to think about where they have been. Well doesn't Rouge mean red and Noir mean night? the Red of the night? That doesn't sound like it makes sense. Anyway, I saw somewhere in a magazing a tower of old suitcases in a hallway and it was tres chic! Where do you keep yours?

  2. Very cool, Cindy! I love that you found those old letters inside! Amy above is right...rouge means red and noir means night. The stories the suitcases could tell!~Hugs, Patti

  3. Hi Cindy, I love all your old suitcases!! The old letters are fabulous. I love reading old letters from years ago.


  4. Hi Cindy,
    Old suitcases are a love of mine too. I always try to imagine them stacked up on the luggage cart at the train station and the porter loading them onto the old train!

    Love yours and I am sure they have some stories to tell.


  5. I would love to know the history of these ~ and the letters are priceless. Your photography is glad you shared.


  6. Your blog is interesting and beautiful!

  7. Love old suitcases, thy are hard to find around my parts. Its so cool that you found old letters.

  8. I love your vintage suitcase collection. I can hardly resist them myself. They are so handy to hold lots of things. I like your definition of your french book. You made me laugh out loud.


  9. Le Rouge Et Le Noir means red and black. Hey, your suitcases would be excellent subjects for a painting. You could have fun naming it:)

  10. love the photos! what great finds! i love the electric guitar in the corner--got a few of those around here.

    thanks for laughing with me!


  11. I just love old suitcases too and think I
    kind of hoard them :)
    Your pictures are just beautiful !!!

  12. Romantic photos Cindy!!! Love them and i wish i still had my old vintage suitcases from when i was young. I even had the square make-up case you remember that style? I loved it!
    Great post...funny as usual!
    Pamela xo

  13. Great suitcases! The Red and The Black....hmmm....what could that be about? I bet someone's loins are probably en feu. . .(on fire...) LOL!!!

    Now Following!

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage


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