Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chairy in Her New Dress!

I FINALLY got my two chairs slipcovered... YAY!!!

and heeeere she is....   a little wrinkly from being in a plastic bag, but very cute still...

 Here are both the girls all dressed up...

here is Chairy's other sister,... Chairy

Here is the before...  not so bad considering that one of the chairs was $19.99 at the thrift shop, and the other one was free!

 Looks like entering the gates of heaven here... where all chairs are slipcovered... but it's really just dark in the kitchen

 Chairy again with a rumply throw

 Ok... want to see a sort of progression from when i first moved in here?   Here is my darling gold sofa, that i drug out of the dump, and actually dearly loved...  

So I had this dump sofa and 2 cute little pink chairs that i bought at a consignment store for $100.00 for both

you can see "Moonalisa" over the sofa, and she's waaaay to small for that spot... 
i'm trying out plates on the wall to balance her out...

sorry for the bad photos, but you get the idea...  This was way before i knew anything about blogging...

 then i found this cream vintage sofa at habitat for around $100.00, and i wanted a cream sofa, so my daughter inherited my good old gold sofa...   you can see here i am trying  out the white one...

see that rug, drug it outta the dump too, it's huge, and it weighs 20 tons, but by god, i got it by myself, and stuffed it in a little nissan sentra... which i'm pretty sure should have been impossible

ok, so far Mr. Fractured Fairy Tale hasn't commited murder suicide yet...

so theeeeeeeen....  I found this to die for vintage purple sofa, 
so in it came.... 
even though it didn't match anything i owned, and there was no way i could afford to recover it... 
... there she sat....

 see that little desk... drug that out of the dump too... 
you probably thought i was kidding when i told you i was a dump diver...
well my daughter can attest to the many times she sunk down in the passenger seat of the car and hid because i was at the dump tossing stuff into my car...

that might be part of what's wrong with her

 THEN, i was online one day and accidentally ended up at a blog called Theoldpaintedcottage,  and my jaw dropped to my feet when i saw Jennifer's before and after.... 
And so i emailed her, and set up a phone consultation with her, and sent her photos...
And she came up with a plan for me!

It was an amazing plan!
we decided i would find a sofa on craigslist and have it slipcovered...
She sent me links to all the sites where i could find things, and stayed on the phone with me  for over an hour.  Not only that, she's FULL of a million ideas, and she's FUN and easy to talk to .  I totally love her.  She told me to paint all my walls the same color, recover my sofa, get some white Ectorp chairs from Ikea,  get a seagrass rug,  darken the banister,  get those natural blinds (which i haven't done yet) and hang my rods higher, and lose the purple sofa... and on and on... it was insane it was so cool!

She gave me direction which i soooo needed
it was the best money i ever spent, and it was waaaay too little for what she did
if fact if she still charges that much,  she's crazy, but you should call her if you need help
 she had so many suggestions that i'm still working on the plan she gave me over a year ago

I don't think my house is all perfect or anything at all, but it is so much better than it was...
And once i let go of some "stuff" and recovered my sofa, everything started to fall into place...

the end...


  1. Wow Cindy! The chairs look great! Did you do them yourself or have them done? I am still debating on what I am going to do with mine. Other things have taken presidence over them. I loved your before and after photos! Amazing on what you can do with a plan! ~Hugs, Patti

  2. Oh your home looks beautiful! What a story filled with images to tell the progress and the pitfalls and the triumph!! Really thrilled for you how great the slipcovers look, they are as good as slips can be, so whoever you had make them did a fabulous job and it was totally worth the cost.

  3. I love it! I honestly love slipcovered stuff but have never ventured into doing them or even buying one.....I'm always afraid of size issues, etc. PS. Thanks for ALL your encouraging comments on my blog. I've tried to comment on yours several times, but my comment is NOT working right...keeps making me re-log into blogger a million times. Ugh - so posting as anonymous - Flo from "Goin' with the Flo"

  4. Beautiful transformation! Just beautiful!!!!

  5. What a difference your living room looks..... it looks FABULOUS! Very cozy and inviting too. I was wondering where did you get your slipcovers? I'm having a hard time here in Michigan finding what I need in slipcovers.


  6. I love your sweet, cozy and cottagey living room!!
    So pretty and so much like you!


  7. WOW! That was some tour!! The chairs sisters are FAB but the sum of all parts is sublime. Keep going!

  8. your slip-covered furniture looks wonderful!

    i really love your old gold sofa too!

  9. Cindy...the slipcovers are BAM! All the white really makes the room so cohesive. Jennifer is totally guiding you in all the right directions. The room is singing now:)

  10. The slipcovers are wonderful! You have amazing style.

    Miss Mustard Seed

  11. Hi Cindy, I love your slipcovers so much!! They are gorgeous. Did you make them?? I'm also in total love with your cow pictures.You are so talented.I'm drooling over the one you painted for miss mustard seed. It is fabulous.


  12. OMG your posts are so flipping funny! I love them!
    And i am so glad there are people out there like me and i have to always show stuff like this to my hubby. I always say "see I am not the only crazy girl!"
    I want that sofa and chair from IKEA like yours.
    One day! Your home is beautiful!!!
    So funny about your daughter my son would do the same thing lol !!!!!!!!!
    Pamela xo

  13. I found your blog through Miss Mustard Seed... you have a beautiful home and beautiful taste in decorating.
    I have hopped over to look at your paintings... I love the skyscapes and am drawn to the two paintings of Twisters /Tornadoes.

    I'm your newest follower, Pat

  14. The room looks beautiful!
    I do love your Moonalisa painting too!

  15. The end? I hope not! I love this story. :)

  16. Chairy and Chairy are wearing some seriously sexy slips! I loved reading about how the room came to be in your usual hilarious style. :)

  17. This is just beautiful, really very very cool. Can I ask where you got your slipcover, I would so love to do this? Your new best *friend*!!

  18. I love what you have done! It looks just beautiful! I am cracking up because I was going to ask you where you got your slipcovers too and that looks like what others have wondered ~



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