Monday, July 18, 2011

A Couple of Ideas, Chairy With a Pink Pillow, and a Painting for Sale

Talk about a before and after!  
From  pile of sticks and twigs... these two little birdies did a complete makeover for absolutely nothing.  Notice the lovely and timeless touch of the little twigs on the left extending well beyond the initial nest bowl... What a creative and imaginative use of the maple twig.  I'm sure soon birdies everywhere will extending wisteria vine and honeysuckle twigs in nests everywhere!

Chairy with a pink pillow from K Mart and Daisyboo's zebra toy.  How many of you have dogs who love toys.  She's my first, and I love it that she loves her toys! She leaves them everywhere, just like a 3 year old!

Ok, here is a meadow painting i did a while back, it's a pretty large painting, and it's so plain that i keep thinking i need to add cows or sheep, but then whenever i start to, I decide I like it just the way it is...

My friend found this old chippy frame at the flea market for practically nothing... It's huge... and so i grabbed the painting to see if it would fit, especially since framing stuff costs more than the actual piece of art half the time!  

Anyway, the frame is a little too small, but the whole canvas can be pulled off of the stretchers, and put on smaller stretchers and totally be made to fit this frame for a few bucks... So, Watch For Frames at the Flea Market!!  This would make a great mirror too!

Isn't this frame just awesome!
and as you can see, the integrity of the painting is not affected by taking a little off the sides... 

(you can see the hanging wire in front because i just set the painting behind it for a quick look)

Cool little tablecloth at "The Elegant Relic" in Mebane, NC

And look what Lacy, the clever and amazingly talented woman at the Elegant Relic did... she took one of those wooden crate thingys you see everywhere, like grocery stores, i don't know what you call them.. Anyway, she hung it on the wall and put vintage birdie prints on it... this is soooo cool!

Here is an original oil painting of Peonies I did.  It is for sale for $350.00 plus shipping, just email me if you're interested.... 


  1. I love how the meadow painting looks just the way it is. It would look nice in a frame like that too. The perfect chippy frame for a country setting. Those wood things are called pallets. I think that is a great background for artwork~how smart. I saw those pillows at Kmart. Nice! I think they had some lilac velvet ones too (too bad you got rid of your purple couch!! Just kidding!!!!)

  2. Chairy is so sweet and looks happy with her pretty pink pillow and toy. Love your paintings too. Wish I could afford one, maybe someday!!!


  3. I love all things natural, the hardwork the birds put into making their adorable nests. However it's equally creative all the work these ladies have put into their work very nice!
    Hugs Rosemary...
    P.S. That's one of the soaps I make it softens when it's placed in the bathtub. Everything goes into the pot when I start making my products, sometimes I do get carried away. ;)

  4. Your paintings are gorgeous!! I love the frame too!!


  5. You have such an amazing talent Cindy. I have been reading a couple of the posts that I had missed here recently and I loved seeing the paintings and the photos of your gorgeous home. I LOVE the slipcovers on your chairs! Those chairs have got the best shape. They will be wonderful to enjoy for years to come.
    sending big hugs...

  6. Cindy~
    I am a happy gal that I found your blog
    through Miss Mustard Seed ~
    You are amazingly talented!! Oh my goodness!!!
    I love your "About Me" ~ I made me smile ~


  7. Wow! So many beautiful things in this post. I agree about old frames - if you see them, grab them. Those bird images caught my eye.

  8. Oh man, I love, love, love the painting you did for Miss Mustard Seed. It's gorgeous. And clicking to Moonalisa when I visited your blog made me smile. I think I love this one even more. It might have something to do with dating a dairy farmer's son in highschool. Dairy cows here in West Michigan look just like her. I think I've found some new artwork to start saving for. Beautiful work.

  9. I just found you from MMS. Your painting is perfection, love it. I'm a sheep person, myself, so I'm adoring your paintings with sheep. just joined as a follower, come by for a visit when you can! xo Debra

  10. Love your cow painting and that meadow is so peaceful and beautiful too! That frame is absolutely perfect for it! I love looking for frames at the thrift stores too! Found your blog from, love reading about your found treasures and how your house has progressed!!! Off to read more!!! Your paintings are so lovely!!!

  11. hi Cindy! I discovered you through Miss Mustard Seed. I just love your cow painting that you created for her. I love cows (stopped eating them many years ago).

    Your profile is funny; I appreciate your sense of humor but sorry you have the IBS thing going on :(

    You mentioned a shop in Mebane; I have a friend that lives there. You must not live far from me.

    I'll be back to visit - love your paintings!!


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