Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Still here, Still crazy... But Loving the Spring!

 I'm guessing you either hate me now for my complete neglect of your blog posts, or...most likely,  or you haven't even noticed because you are all out doing and keeping up with a million things too 

I'm still stuck in the whole overwhelmed with Social Media thing.. and have not in any way figured out which thing to focus my ever compromised attention span 

How do you guys do it?
Are you preferring instagram, blogs, facebook
are you keeping up with it all?

I'm kinda all or nothing, so if i get too behind on things, sometimes i just give up

 But, between working in the garden, dealing with work, mailing out prints, and generally being all over the  place, i did manage to finish a painting that i think is kinda sweet...

It's called 

"In The Moment"
which is something i'm actually not ever in... 

people with anxiety/panic/everymentalillness usually aren't in the moment

but when i look at this sheep, it reminds me to try         

 Speakin of the garden, ... Oh my gosh, the roses...

Mine are in their first flush of blooms and they are so wonderful

I found this new rose that i could just kiss to death it is so pretty

It is called Francis Meilland

I mean it really looks like that!

and it fades to the softest cream blush with thick velvety petals

Could you just die !  I am completely enchanted with it.  
We'll see how it performs and I'll let you know

Here is some prolific "New Dawn" growing on the arbor

This is "New Dawn" again on the corner of my lot - there must be a thousand blooms on it - It has gone so crazy wild, I'm in total awe  of how one rose could be so big!

... and I have to share one of my other favorite roses again
"Peach Drift"  
It is the best color and so hardy.  It's a frequent bloomer too !

I like to put a little cluster of them on the mantel with "Miss Daisy" because they match her pink nose

Sweet "Peach Drift" 

The window boxes are all planted full of pink geraniums 

Ok, so enough with the flowers

I'll move on to other random happenings around Rosebud Cottage

Here is the formerly brown suitcase that i painted pink
I mixed it in with all my other suitcases. 

I finally figured out that i should store all of my Christmas ornaments in these suitcases - since they are downstairs, and accessible 

The worst thing for me about decorating for the holidays was going into "that closet" upstairs that has everything stuffed in bins under bins and more bins, dragging them out and hauling them downstairs

Now, no stair climbing, no bin dragging from behind lord knows what
Just open the suitcase, and voila!
Pretty sparkly ornaments and things!


Recently Ellie ( my daughter) and I did the funnest thing too - Mr. Fractured gave me a gift certificate to Sephora, cause he knows i love playing in there
wasn't that sweet of him 

so just for the pure fun of doing girl stuff with makeup -  I scheduled an appointment for Ellie and I,  and she had a makeover! 

It was a blast, and yes, it is a ton of makeup, but she looks like a glamorous movie star 
Just look at that face and snow white skin...  
but as glam as she looks, believe me, that girl can get some dirty work done.
She's an animal lover and works in a dog kennel 


Ok, so now that i've turned into one of those people who show pictures of my cat 

Here is Willow wishing she could go outside

Poor Kitty...

We have managed to get a harness on her 
after preparing for the fight of our lives
and take her out every once in a while - 

Last night, she ate a lightening bug 
The next thing i knew she was drooling like she had rabies - 
So emergency vet???

Of course it turns out that there are a few bugs that are toxic to animals, and yes lightening bugs are!

She's ok

Good Grief -  if it's not the kids, it's the animals !  
It's always something!

Here is her luscious furry tummy of which i am never allowed to touch

And finally - here is little Daisy with her stash of nasty, stinky, chewed up stuffed animals and treasures... she puts them on our bed to save them from Willow - and we get to sleep with them

I absolutely adore this little dog...
She is the sweetest thing ever

Gosh, I'm sorry, I know that was a lot

After not talking to you in a while, it turns out i have more things to share than i thought!

Anyway, I'll leave you guys with one more of my favorite roses 
"Abraham Darby" it's doing it's thing right now too

The roses are having a good year


... the end ...


  1. Cindy, thank for posting. I love your photos, and have been missing your posts.

  2. Hey! I'm glad you still turn up! I think blogging has changed for a lot of us. Instagram has taken a lot of people's attention, but blogging is still my main thing.

    Your new painting is wonderful! And the roses are amazing!!! You always inspire me to let a little more soft pink into my life.

  3. Oh, how I have missed you Cindy! Reading your posts is like SO MUCH FUN!!!! Your Ellie is gorgeous! Just like her mama!
    There is so much in this post, I'm afraid my comment will take me forever to type. First of all I LOVE your sheep painting SO MUCH! and then, that new rose you got is gorgeous as is your New Dawn blooming everywhere.
    Let me just say it again---I have missed you, but you know what? I am right there with you on the social media thing...if I can't keep up, I give up. I'm hardly ever on FB, don't know the first thing about Instagram (and right now, don't care to) and I'm not keeping up with any of it.
    Oh yes, and I am crazy about your window boxes!
    sending hugs...

  4. Loved hearing from you. Your posts are always appreciated in my mail box. Love that new little lamb. Wish I had a place for her. I am with June. Have not been on instagram. . .ever. I don't need another time waster but I do get on FB and waste time there!
    Head on over to see pics of my garden and patio from last summer. Haven't posted in some time but it will look the same this year. . . . .gotta go.
    Hugs, Ahrisha

  5. Hi Cindy,
    Been meaning to get back to you by email.... Your daughter Ellie looks like old Hollywood movie star. And I almost named my daughter that very same name (Ellie) I bet you call her Ell?

    As for your art and your livestock painting well you already know how I feel about them, your awesomeness in your art speaks to my French cottage farm life.

    I have to tell you, the view from through the roses to your pink front door is all about cottage life.... And so surprized you have not painted a cottage sign that hangs from old chain from a post...:)
    You could call it's something like " THE PINK DOOR COTTAGE" paint a pink door on white back ground with climbing roses over the door... You could spell out the cottage name across the door and even add the address numbers on the door in gold or Greys... Even date established in the bottom corner.... Use extérior paints on good heavy ply wood sanding down all sides and edges. I then would put a couple good matte finish coats of a good varnish. I make several signs for shops in Redlands Calif. one for a shop called Thyme Out and eight years later the sign looks fabulous.

    Yet you need to come up with a great cottage name and art for your yard, a birdhouse can be perched on a post by it and a bird bath.... Or maybe an angel of sorts.
    I would love and I bet your blog readers would love to see a sign in your cottage pink yard of shabby Chicness.

    See you soon by way of email.


  6. It's always fun and good to hear from you whenever. Love your roses, I hope to plant some after the extensive reno's are done. Enjoy your garden pics always! Your daughter looks like a movie star - so beautiful and glamorous, until she had to return to the kennel. All the doggie smoochies and it would be gone. Patty/NS

  7. That much beauty packed into one post is worth waiting for. Does that Meilland rose have a double centre? I need a sweet sheep to remind me to stay "in the moment", too. Last, but not least, your daughter is absolutely beautiful!

  8. Beautiful roses, and a beautiful painting of your sheep. Well, really, everything you posted today, is VERY beautiful.Your daughter most of all, and of course your pretty cat, and cute dog. Oh, and by the way, I store Christmas items, lace, fabrics, and what not, in my stack of "old" suitcases, 8 of them in my "studio" craft room, and I love the way they look and the amount of goodies they can store. Always enjoy your blog, haven't seen you for a while, missed you!! Please don't stay away so long....Hugs, Bonnie in WI

  9. I was so happy to see a post! You always put a smile on my face when I come over here!
    Gosh, your Ellie is a stunner....just like you, Cindy!
    Love your new painting of the sheep...very serene.
    What can I say about the roses....heavenly! and your window boxes are gorgeous!
    Blogging is all I can do....all the other stuff is out of my league. With work, going to see my grandkids, gardening, etc. I don't have time for anything more.
    I LOVE all the pink I see here, girl!!

  10. you are so delightful, cindy. i do wish you could blog more frequently since i am never ever disappointed in your commentary, content, or creativity. you rule in all three areas, and i salute you. oh that daughter--look at that gorgeous pout. love your frances whatev roses. their texture and color are to die for. your pink suitcase? adorbslovely. and thanks for another peek at daisy. what a sweetpea. bella luna would love a playdate with her so do think about a roadtrip even tho we no longer live in a manor. looks likely that we will be moving into a cottage. we should know more after tuesday. and there shall be a TON of demo and work to do at that place which was swallowed up by its trees and brush and invisible to passersby for years! we may just be the ones to revive it, and i am hoping the critters inside are minimal since i am phobic like a mofo. i don't shriek, i cry like a baby, and our sons are humiliated by my behavior. which is payback i suppose. peace to you, sweet rose of blogland.

  11. Your daughter is beautiful!!! I love all your pretty roses around your pretty home, and your painting is fabulous!


  12. I do get happy to see you have posted, but I too might take a while to get around to checking. Its hard to keep up, and lately I have been obsesssing on roses so this post is a good one for me!! I love pink and I did see your Frances M rose at the nursery while shopping for a climber. I wanted New Dawn and they were sold I got one called Pearly Gates. Its very pretty but I am not sure it is a repeat bloomer like New Dawn is. Maybe I can just order one online. You can never post too many of your garden photos. Put one up of the entire house so I can see where you have all of them planted will you!

  13. Your roses are absolutely gorgeous Cindy! You have a green thumb and the perfect spot for each one. LOVE your beautiful new painted sweet <3. Your fur babies are adorable. And your daughter looks like a knock out movie star! Love your pretty painted shades too!

  14. Hello! This is my first visit to your lovely site... Love the shades of pink! So pretty! I adore your precious kitty Willow. She looks so precious and your story of not touching her tummy, for great fear, sounds just like my calico kitty. Here's what I do though... I've found that I can't just reach out and touch her tummy, but if I put her in my lap, not facing me, I can gently start at the head and move down to back and tummy, all very gently, with a light touch, and she loves that. Maybe, this would work for you, too! :)

    Also, wanted to say,... Your roses are Gorgeous and Stunning... Like a magazine picture! Wow! How many years did it take for the New Dawn rose to become that big and beautiful! It is truly breathtaking... Do the blooms last very long? I just love this season of new beginnings, when everything pops out in it's full beauty!

    Thank you for sharing! God bless, Net

    It's a Wonderful Movie

  15. So glad you're Enjoying Spring and back to Sharing your Delightful Tales! Love the new painting, right now The Grandson is completing his DBT Therapy, we have some Family Days I get to attend with him, and we're learning how to get him Present in the Moment... lots of great Tools they teach for anyone to use actually and it was a relief to know that many of what I use in my Caregiving for the Trio here is in line with the Tools they're teaching... whew, my Instincts were not so far off after all it turns out! *Yay!* The Grandson rolls his eyes a lot and laughs looking at me when they say something really Profound that I already do or told him would 'work'... ha ha ha... see, I do kinda know what I'm talkin' about and doin' Kiddos! *winks* Happy Spring... wish my Garden looked as colorful as yours, your blooms are Divine! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  16. Oh I love your daughters make up--and her paw print tattoo! I haven't been blogging either--but am trying to get back to it. I miss seeing posts from people like you!

  17. Just stopping by to say Happy Summer!!!
    Hope all is well.

  18. Cindy, I love and adore you.... There are companies like Cat House in Los Angeles Ca. That will cut the iron and add iron to stretch a bed size, anything 25% and under on an antique iron bed still keeps its integraty I'm being antique.
    New rail modify it's use so much better then an antique rail.

    Thank you my artist home is coming along wonderfully.
    I need to make a Texas trip to your town :))


  19. Cindy, check out my sheep ....Cartapesta sheep I am doing in my etsy shop, along with what ever :)

    See you soon here or there.

    Love yah sould sista.



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