Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Carpet Begone phase 2 !

Hi Everyone!
Ya'll may remember that a couple of years ago, i yanked up the carpet in my bedroom and replaced it with plywood cut into planks so that they would look like rustic wood floors.   I still love them.  I painted the plywood with a wash of Annie Sloan paint in "Old White" and water, and then sealed them with "Stay Clear" and I'm happy to tell you that they have held up great!

Finally a couple of weeks ago i was able to do the same thing in the living room. Yay!  
I hired someone to do it because I'm getting too old to crawl around on the floor and pull up carpet and stuff, and I just didn't want to -  ya know...?!  I'm not as tough and sinewy as I used to be and i don't want to spend one minute of my what's left of my life pulling up carpet and carpet nail strips... 

I don't have many pictures to show you yet, but this will give you an idea...

the total cost for supplies, wood, having the wood cut, the nails, and the glue was $340.00

Here's how it looks before the Annie Sloan wash - I won't show pulling up that nasty old carpet!

this photo was so cloudy even after i touched it up in Picassa, my phone camera lens must have smudges on it... but you can still kinda see the floors...

sorry, i don't have better pics, but during the day I'm at work,  at night it is just too dark for photos...
and on the weekends I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off so i forget to take good photos..

I love these floors so much better than carpet.  
They even smell good like fresh wood

Everything got stirred up and I had to move stuff into the dining room to clear out the living room.  I moved this mirrored chippy door against the wall in the dining room to get it out of the way and decided I like it there!

My daughter says i have too many mirrors in my house, and she always thinks she's going to see a ghost in them - she thinks they are all haunted

She's a nut

Wonder where she inherited those genes?

But I do remember mirrors giving me the heebeegeebees when i was young - so i don't know what that's about


ok, so check out this little boot garland i made...

it was a fun and easy project

I just used this wrapped wire i found at Michaels.
I love this viney wire stuff...
you can do all kinds of things with it

Then i intertwined flowers and ribbons I had into it - made a little loop on one end and hook on the other and it was done...


Also since I talked to ya'll last I  worked on (fought with) a painting on and off for the last few weekends... 

I kept not liking it and couldn't figure out why - my daughter is my best critic and she was visiting - so i asked her "what's wrong with it?!" ...and she said there was too much brown ( the cows were brown) - so i painted the cows black and voila it all started to come together!  I love it when that happens... and she's always right!


I received my copy of Romantic Prairie Weddings by Fifi O'Neill... and it is so pretty - every single page is just luscious.  I especially like the doors draped with pale pink rose garlands... they're just to die for gorgeous

Fifi says she might come to my house in the spring - so here come the 90 nervous breakdowns about all my messes ... but exciting too!


So finally - check this out....
I opened my cabinet to get some olive oil, and what did i find....

Willow - "the destructor", kitty litter flinger, and slip cover shredder...

Lord only knows how long she was sittin in there just as pretty as you please.. 


...the end...


  1. Cindy you floors look simply stunning, anything is better then carpets yuck, I recently remove my old yucky rugs and I was lucky enough to have hard wood floors under that aweful best friend, myself and her hubby refinished the hardwood floors ourselves....and boy was it hard work...
    But so worth the

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Love your floors!!! Really pretty. Love your painting and your booth topper and your rug and your kitty!!!!
    I hope Fifi does feature your home because it's so pretty.

  3. Oh my! Everyone should have a resident cupboard cat! Love the floors and every thing! Wonder about painting over wood laminate, the fake stuff? Have a lovely evening.

  4. Cindy Your floors look wonderful. The first chair is lovely too. Just cannot get enough of that French stuff. Which Annie Sloan paint did you wash the floors with? Did you just paint on a light watered down coat or did you wipe some off too.

  5. AH LOVE THE FLOORS....thanks for the helpful tips as I have a cottage where the floors need work...Lorraine

  6. To funny! Your cat is a hoot! Love your beautiful floor, and congrats on Fifi coming. Awesome, Jo

  7. I love your floors and I am so happy that I got this post because I want to replace the floor in my shop but was not ready for a huge expense. I read that you paid to have the plywood cut and I can see the sander in the room so that answers those questions. Do you remember how thick the plywood is? I love this look and you just saved me a ton of money!

    I remember finding a neighbor's cat in my cupboard and that was a real surprise since I don't enough know how he got in my house.

    The field and hills painting is very calming and I can smell the air because of the way you painted the sky with a misty view of the hills. All of your paintings fill me with envy...because I wish I owned one and because you paint so well. That is delightful-envy, of course, not the mean kind!


  8. I would like to do this floor in a building I am opening a business in, Can you tell me how thick your ply wood was and what grade of ply wood was it ? Are all the planks the same length ? Also how big was the room you did ? I am so excited I cant stand it. I have been banging my head over what flooring to use all expensive I might add ! So this is exactly what I am looking for ! WOOT WOOT your artical couldnt be more timely ! Thanks in advance for your help and consideration ! Karen Powell in Michigan

  9. Hi Cindy - love, love, love your floors! And the boot garland? Well I just may try my hand at making one, it is really sweet. How exciting that Fifi may visit, now that is certainly fun news. Love your painting too. Don't drive yourself crazy worrying about Fifi and projects you think you need to do. She is so sweet and down to earth and she just wants to see you and your adorable house, kitty in the pantry and all. xo Patty/NS

  10. The floor is amazing! Actually, everything in this post is. Love it all, even the pantry cat. Of course you know I'm a big fan of your art and that painting has a really peaceful vibe. Better get those rooms all put back together before Fifi gets there!

  11. Love the new floor. It`s beautiful.

  12. Oh double yay!! The floors my dear look amazing, I so want to tear all my tile out and do my whole living area, but better wait to see if it's going on the market.

    You have a dream house and I love your area rug and all its romance, Fifi will love it.

    As for the mess don't worry, relax, it's all going to take shape trust me Fifi will do her magic Cindy and you will fall in love with her.

    Talk to you soon.


  13. hahaha. the floors look wow! i like your daughter and how she diagnoses painting impairments but she sounds just like my guys. any decor they don't understand is labeled 'creepy.' which means my entire house creeps em out. and don't get them started on my dress form and swing (the swing they said belongs in a male pedophile's abode not a grown woman's). i have never seen a boot garland so i am impressed by yours. your place is perfect for fifi and her magic! no freaking necessary...get in touch before the hyperventilating, and i'll remind u all the ways u are fabulous/worthy/ready for your close-up. peace, mama. right where you are.

  14. I love your cat in the cupboard--they always go where they aren't suppose too :) I am loving your floors. I can't believe how cheaply you did it--I spend that much having the carpets cleaned!

  15. Visiting from Cozy Little goodness you are quite talented. What a beautiful painting.

    I had a good laugh at the end there about your kitty ( I have a cat as well and they do like to take advantage of an open cupboard door, don't they! :)

  16. Cindy i can't describe in words how beautiful your painting is. It is so beautiful, beautiful, and
    more beautiful. Your floor looks fabulous too.


  17. I was just thinking about your bedroom floor two days ago!!! I want my hubby to install them in our living room. Now I can show him your post...yay!! It all looks so cool, Cindy! Love, love, love it!!!
    Don't get nervous about Fifi coming to your house. She's just the sweetest thing ever. She and Mark are very funny. The new painting is amazing! You are so talented, girl! And your boot garland is too sweet!
    Sure glad I came over for a visit today. You have been a busy bee.

  18. Hi Cindy, I love your floors!! I sure wish I had thought of doing that in my house.The boot garland is just too cute! does your creativity know no ends? I have a thing for mirrors too, but now that you mention that ghost business I may have to rethink that LOL If I had opened my cabinet door and a cat was in there I think I would have fainted LOL. But I guess when you live with cats you get used to weird stuff like that.A visit from FiFi sounds exciting. Romantic Prairie Weddings is full of gorgeousness, love FiFi;s work.

  19. Ok always a treat to come over here. First off, did you cut the plywood yourself or have the HomeDepot or who ever do it? And next did you nail it down yourself? I want to know this part cuz I love how they look. You are a genius. I am telling my son right now why isn;t this girl famous and rich cuz she is sooo talented. That was after I saw your latest painting. And the funny way you have with writing about ghosts in mirrors and calling someone special a nut. LOL I love you. You are the BEST!! And of course Fifi should visit you because you live in an enchanted world and she could so capture it.

  20. Whoa....your floors look amazing!!! What kind of wood did they use and is there a name like...planks or something? I love your painting, I don't think there is too much brown.Are you going to be adding a copy of that to your shop? Love your boot bling! Congratulations how exciting to have Fifi come to your home!

  21. Oh my word! I LOVE your floors, Cindy! Sooooo Prairie!! Now I want to pull up the carpeting in the master bath. Yep.....I said master bath. Gross, right? lol Who in their right mind carpets a bathroom???? Well, the previous owners did and we just haven't gotten around to ripping it out. I know there's the original wood planked floor underneath there. We just have to hire 10 strong men to hold up the clawfoot bathtub while they tear out the carpet. hahaha! Anyway, I always love seeing your gorgeous paintings. Your talent totally amazes me.

    xoxo laurie

  22. Thank you beautiful for taking the time to visit me, I am so getting in the mood to anchor my home with a bit of prairie French Farmhouse.
    I want to add some pale pillows with prints of calico's romancing my linens and adding Prairie French to my style of French country Farmhouse, now just finding the right prints on pillows and pieces will be that task :)
    I see your home evolving to greatness, it's truly looking like you, the you that lives life so romantic with your pinks, whites, and things of age. It so fits your art style, and I bet it has set the right kind of rightness for you to feel creative with your art.
    I love your front room, I love your new mirrored door, it really is you now!

    Thank you dear friend for visiting my moments at my place.
    See you and your beautiful self soon.
    I now wish I lived in your home, so amazing.


  23. Hi Cindy, The floor is gorgeous! Did you use birch or pine plywood?
    Your cat is hilarious - that would have scared the crap out of me.

  24. Hey you! I had to come over for a second look at your floor. The hubster finally says he will pull up the nasty living room carpet, and put down pine floors so I can white wash them! YAY!! After he saw yours, he was finally convinced that they would look WAY better than this crap that's on this floor!! I'm so excited!!!
    You rock!!!

  25. Willow looks so cute in there Cindy! They find the most unusual places to perch, don't they? That's what I love so much about them.
    I love your new painting---it is beautiful! I love the cows in the field munching away.
    I LOVE your floors. Absolutely LOVE them!!!
    sending hugs...


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