Wednesday, February 19, 2014

With Flowers and Feathers in His Hair...

I think i showed you guys this horse i painted a few weeks ago.  

I liked him pretty well, but was just itching to do something that was more me...

Sometimes when i paint, i think about what other people would like

and sometimes i just want to paint something the way i would like it...

even if it is a little weird or different

Here he is before the flowers and feathers...

Here is a close up with some flowers... 
and oh yes,  HAD to add some eyelashes too!

 the suggestion of feathers...

 so NEXT "Good Morning Miss Daisy" is going to get the Cindy treatment...

a pink bow!
I bought a print of her for myself, and I don't think i can resist painting a ribbon around her neck, maybe even a ribbon with a big bell

I already have a satin ribbon draped over the print giving it "the eye"to figure out the perfect shade of pink

I'm not quite sure how i'm gonna pull it off yet

doesn't everyone tie ribbons around their pet cow's necks anyway!?
 we'll see if it all works out

Watch out Miss Daisy! here i come with my paint brushes!

...the end...


  1. I like the flowers and feather better than the without! Always follow your heart...that is what a true artist is.

  2. Is that a smile I see...she likes the flowers and feathers!

  3. Hi Cindy! Both versions look fantastic!!! I personally love the one with flowers and feathers... I could even imagine a beautiful spot for him here in my little shabby home.... Fabulous!!! Have a wonderful day! xo Vanessa

  4. Hi Cindy,
    I love the Horse painting and the flowers and feather make it magical. Yes, I think every beautiful bovine needs a pink bow around her neck.


  5. Beautiful either way, but better with the "you" on her. :) xo

  6. he is all kinds of magic now. you are def my favorite prairie hippie gypsy. keep wielding your pink magic wand and sprinklin on the love. if you need me, i'll be in canada.


  7. Hi Cindy, Thank you for your visit. I am completely honored you love my pottery and dishes. Honored beyond words your artwork is incredibly magical what a gift you have. I am working on getting my new website up ( having problems with the connection her at the farm) with new European inspired dishes & many other items. Thank you again Cindy glad we connected. Thanks to Dore. xo Laura

  8. You took it from beautiful to magical! I like the Cindy treatment.

  9. I love what you have done to the pony painting, she looks adorable with the feather and the little daisies. I don't know about you but when I 'used' to paint I always painted what I saw but I believe to really bring a painting to life we should add something of ourselves and that's exactly what you have done here and made the painting really 'special'. I love it.

    As for Daisy, I had to giggle at your little daisy dog with all those leaves, she had a look in her eyes that said..."Well I couldn't help it mum" :). The Daisy cow would look lovely with a big pink bow and bell I think, don't you :)

    Lee :)


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