Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't Be a Silk Flower Hater !

My friend says silk flowers are tacky and awful and would never ever allow them in her cute little shop. She a flower purist, and a silk flower hater.. But, i have decided to like them anyway. Some of the silks are very realistic, and I find it fun and therapeutic to grab a handful and arrange them. I have many times walked up to a good silk flower arrangement and taken a big whiff to smell them only to discover they were faux flowers. One thing i have learned is to pick silks that have a natural color green on them, it can make a huge difference. Here is my latest bunch of silks.. got them at Michaels.... They have some really nice woody stems with touches of new leaves right now that are very natural. The only thing this vase is missing is some water to make them look more real.... And what's cool is that since the stems are plastic i could just drop in some real flowers to fill in, and then you would get the wonderful scent. I'm dying to buy some gorgeous white flowers (the real thing ) to add to this arrangement. I bet my friend wouldn't turn down a vase of these silks mixed in with some real fragrant white lilies !


  1. I'm with you on the silks. I think they look natural if well arranged and yours look wonderful.


  2. Hi Cindy...I like them. I have a few myself...tune in tomorrow to see!

  3. Hi Cindy, I just found your blog and just love your sense of humour! I have quite a few faux flowers around the house. These days you can get excellent quality ones that look like the real thing.. and make a great alternative in winter when I don't have any in my garden. take care, Maryann


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