Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cabinets Before and After, a Cool Cloche, and My Favorite Door...

Cute little canisters from Target... A little pricey though, don't know if i'd buy them if I had to do it over again...
my white pitchers on top of the fridge... probably should put those pink flowers somewhere else..
I painted the top cabinets white, and everything seemed soooooo white, that i painted the bottom cabinets blue, it's actually called "comfort grey", by Sherwin Williams... and an interesting fact that i learned - when paint is mixed, they actually change the formula to adjust for high gloss vs flat or satin... Sometimes the color looks different to me, and I don't like that!
brown particle board cabinets...
This cloche is really big, and is only $19.99 at Marshalls and/or TJ Maxx,... but be careful, the first one I tried to buy, I paid for it, the check out lady spent 5 minutes wrapping it up... I turned around to leave, and smashed it to smitherines on a cart that was right behind me!!!
I love this old door... from my friend's shop "Spruce"... you'll notice mirrors everywhere, they're a great inexpensive way to open up the house, move light around, fill wall space...
The pillows always end up on the floor! usually with a little doggie on them...

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  1. I really like the color of your cabinets and of course I love the white canisters and pitchers.
    The cloche looks perfect, but I know what you mean about them being very fragile.

    Your sofa looks nice and comfy with all the beautiful pillows and throw.



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