Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Met Miss Mustard Seed !

I finally met Marian, Miss Mustard Seed !
Three years after doing her first painting "Eulalie"

 She is adorable.... and I have to tell you, it was just like seeing someone I already knew.  I mean from reading her posts and talking in the email...  seeing her in person and talking was so familiar, like being around an old friend.  
It actually kind of blew my mind how a friend from online can be just as real as a friend in "real life"

I was so happy to finally look at her face in person, and give her a big hug... it was awesome, she was awesome...
 good easy energy, a very loving spirit, and cute as hell 

But don't let her adorableness fool you...

This woman is a force of nature...

She not only has moved mountains in her home
She moved mountains in my home

Thanks to her I sell quite a few prints
and i almost, just almost 
could stop working full time and painting more..

(who do you think the car with eyelashes belongs to?)
Here is the new painting i did for her

 I was painting this to sell at the shop where i sell my work
.... and i started thinking ... this would look good in Marians house

So I emailed her and asked her if she wanted it, and she was like "Heck yeah"

and that was all she wrote... the painting was officially Marian's before it was even finished.

anyway, all i can say... is thank you Marian
my world is made massively better through knowing you

...the end...


  1. You both look so pretty. Love your outfit Cindy! And your painting is as lovely as ever. I just bought the Fall Romantic Country with Marianne's dining room and your painting on the cover. xx

  2. Cindy your so cute!!! I love what you have on. It looks so chic! You must have been so happy to meet Marian in person. Your new painting looks fabulous. I hope you sell tons of paintings and can quit your job!!!


  3. How fabulous Cindy! That's so amazing! I have met her in person twice, she is the loveliest lady. I'm so happy for you and for your amazing paintings. And, I do need to make my way back to Fetch sometime soon! xo ~ Vanessa

  4. How exciting, and I loved that painting as well,
    As for your cuteness, and of course having great eyelashes to boot makes you that much more lovable!

    Keep inspiring us Cindy with your beauty, Witt, and talents in the arts we adore and love your work.
    I love the cover of Fifi's Magazine with your art, it really stands out in the beauty of her home.

    Now go home and get painting, walls, and canvas'


  5. you two are too darn cute! How fun to meet other bloggers, I have a few times and it was delirious Love the painting, will you paint one for me??.

  6. Love this picture of you and Miss Mustard Seed. Love that beautiful painting. She's one lucky person to get to be the owner of your beautiful work.


  7. Thats fabulous, it's wonderful to meet people we know through blogging, I had a recent experience like this too. It is like you know them and have been friends forever. I follow along Marian's blog, its so inspiring and I do believe she is a force of nature, I cannot believe how she can run a house, children and more than one business and still have all that energy. I respect and look up to her and it keeps me going.

    The painting is so lovely and I can imagine she already has the perfect spot for it, can't wait to see it hanging up. I am thrilled that your selling so many prints and paintings, maybe this is a sign Cindy, maybe soon you will give up and paint full time. I am still looking at that gesso'd canvas but aim to have it all drawn up by Monday....(have been saying this for two weeks)...but for sure this week.

    Without a doubt....that car (even though it isn't a pink cadillac), has got to be yours :)...How cute is that!!

    Lee x

  8. Aw, so sweet and inspiring to see two talented women meeting and supporting each other. Love your cows and your paintings. Here's hoping you can work exclusively doing what you were born to do, PAINT!

  9. That is so awesome!
    You do fantastic work-- You make me want to paint. But, I'm afraid I don't have it in me. Well, there was this one time, when I went with both my daughters to one of those BYO wine and let's paint a picture. We all painted the same picture. Seriously...those roosters all looked like rejects from a Kellogg's Ad. I proudly display my 'iced tea chicken' in my kitchen. The next time I go to one of those-- I'm having some wine. It has to improve!
    I love blogging and meeting people. I've met some wonderful people through this venue. Most via email-- some I've actually talked with on the phone. I've met a handful LIVE AND IN PERSON.
    It's special isn't it?
    Love reading here... and Y'all both look beautiful!
    I'm going to say the eye lashes on the car...are hers? I'm a terrible guesser. You both have a witty, those could be eyelashes on your car...
    have a good one.

  10. So great to hear your connection story both here and on MMS. I have lovef Eulalie since I first saw her on Marian's blog. Beautiful work!

  11. I am so happy the two of you could finally meet. And Cindy, I just have to have one of your cow paintings someday soon! They are all so beautiful and peaceful.

  12. All I can say is, you both are cute as hell Cindy!!! I LOVE this photo of the two of you. I can only imagine how excited she was to get your painting. I love it! Isn't it great to finally meet and know that you both are exactly who you knew each other to be? That is what is so great about this blogging thing.
    I sure wish I could meet YOU someday :)))))) But that means I'd have to leave my house, right???

  13. So glad you finally got to meet. You are so cute, and I love reading your blog posts. I love my Clairebelle that I got from you and would love to have one of a barn - food for thought?

  14. How fun! She is just cute as can be--but so are you! Love the outfit--love that photo!

  15. It's beautiful, Cindy! I know it will look wonderful in Marian's home! Glad you got to meet in person. I just love your outfit! : )

  16. Cindy, I bet Marian was just as happy to meet you, as you were meeting her. I think it's special to meet an artist, when you are also the owner of a painting, especially a lovely painting such as "Eulalie" ( a favorite of mine ever since I first saw it)
    What fun it had to be, for the two of you, to get together. And I also think your clothes are adorable. You just have a unique look, and I bet if you were to go into a clothing line of your own, you would be swamped with orders. But... nothing should take time away from your painting. It's FANTASTIC!!!!!!

  17. Serene e felici vacanze a te...un abbraccio.

  18. You two look so cute together! Glad you finally got to meet up. Cindy I just did a post on Eulalie on my blog, stop by if you get a chance.

  19. Don't you look just fabulous!! And all that talent too~girl you are a force of natural talent and beauty and loveliness! I adore you. I hope you make millions in the end, when the world finds out about YOU.

  20. Hi Cindy- I love your work and was wondering if you've ever considered painting a birds nest with eggs?? Pretty please??? Thanks, Cathy

  21. dude! sorry i'm late to the mustardfest. this is exciting stuff! how fun! now git yer butt to chicago. we'll stay at the waldorf and you can create pretty art in the kind of guest suite you were made to inhabit. the painting is gorgeous, and i can't wait to see it in all the upcoming romantic magazines at the bookstore! love to you.

  22. I love Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paints and FINALLY we have a distributor in our Antique Mall so that I can purchase it as often as I need it! How Awesome to finally get to meet a Blog Friend in the flesh... and I agree, the Online Relationships here in this Wonderful Community are as awesome as any I've cultivated in meeting Friends in person. In fact, some of my BFF's now I met in the Land of Blog first and then serendipity arranged a Real Life Meeting and the Friendship flourished all the more! Your Painting is Lovely and I'm certain she was Delighted to be offered it first and will Cherish it! Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  23. Hi Cindy,
    Just checking in with our favorite artist here. I hope you are finding the inspiration you were looking for in your home. Looking forward to,what you will be inspiring us with next.

    See you soon.

    Oh my latest post is featuring an iron candelabra, you inspired your wall sconces in our conversation and I then kept my eyes pealed for something interesting in this line, and this is what found me, come visit.


  24. What fun for you both, Cindy. :) It's so much fun actually meeting our blog friends and being able to give them a big hug, isn't it? You both look just adorable --- and yes....I figured that cute car belonged to cute you! lol

    xoxo laurie

  25. You are an amazing artist Cindy! What a blessing that you both hooked up because it gave you more exposure....but even without that you would have done great because your work is incredible! I still want a piece of yours in my home...and eventually I will save up enough and I will have one :-) So happy to hear you are selling so well but not a surprise you should because your pieces are truly beautiful! Marian is one lucky lady to have so many in her home...and I think she knows it :-)


  26. I don't know how I missed this post. I found you through Miss Mustard seed. I wanted to see the person who had painted her cow picture. Her's was the third blog I had ever read. That seems like such a long time ago and I've had some great experiences in blogland since then. You both look super cute!


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