Sunday, December 8, 2013

"Good Morning Miss Daisy"

Just finished up this sweet little lady this weekend...
well, almost finished, she's not even signed yet!

 I named the painting, "Good Morning Miss Daisy" because you can see that the first morning light is just coming out from behind the dark silhouette of the trees 
and I imagine that this soft furry face is right there every morning to offer a gentle greeting

My initial craving was to paint a white cow with a big pink sateen bow around her neck... but i think i might try that on one of the prints and photograph her for giclee prints as is...sans bow - hmmm, we'll see

I know it's hard to believe, not everyone wants a painting with a big pink bow somewhere in it...!

Almost a year ago, a very sweet lady emailed me asking if maybe some day i could paint her cows.  I told her to go ahead and send pics and maybe one day i would find just the right moment to  paint from one of the photos... 

I did tell her that there was no telling when or if it would happen, because i don't even know myself sometimes until the mood strikes me.  

It's been a while, and i imagine she thinks i had forgotten all about her... 

but i most certainly did not... 

I had a print of her beautiful cow sitting in my art room
and that photo started pulling at my heart

Well last weekend the moment came, and i felt compelled to paint this beautiful girl...  i have searched out the owner's email and sent her a letter explaining that her cow is ready.
She is under no obligation to buy the painting - 
who knows what her circumstances are now... 
But I did promise I'd offer her first choice - 
Now I'll just wait to see if i hear back from her

In the meantime, I'm enjoying her right here in my house 
so either way,...  I'm sure she'll find a good home somewhere, 
even if it is with me!

 so that's the simple little story of the painting named

"Good Morning Miss Daisy"

...the end...


  1. Oh I love this painting! It is beautiful. And I would not mind having this beauty on my walls. Is she for sale?

    Marie Angelique

    1. If the lady i painted her for doesn't claim her, yes she will be for sale... you can read the story in the blog post! Thanks for asking!

  2. what a precious face! love this!

    m ^..^

  3. What a sweet little face! I just LOVE your work, Cindy. You are soooo talented, girl. ♥!!!!

    xxoo laurie

  4. OMG she is my favorite now of all your paintings!!!! So soft and WHITE! Just beautiful. Xxo

  5. Miss Daisy really does look like a Lovely Representation of Christmas and Winter beginning with her Beautiful White Coat, she is Lovely!

    Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. I love Miss. Daisy! And all of your other art. I've been partial to Roosters for a very long time but there's a gravitational pull that's happening toward cows, these days. Must be that sweet muzzle.
    Maybe Santa will surprise me. ;)

  7. That face …OMGOODNESS I love your work so much. Just beautiful . Where can I buy some of your art? Just amazing. The pictures speak to you somehow . Cant explain it

  8. Omg Cindy she is beautiful!!! You are so gifted and super and talented!!
    Oh ps i am with you on the bow,not too pink,not too peach just that lovely shade of shell pink in between and big! ;) xxx

  9. her nose. the white lovely. i love her. you have such a generous spirit painting that friend's cow. i'm sure she will be thrilled!



  10. Cindy, she is lovely! I love the name Daisy for a cow, or really any farm animal. As usual, you did a beautiful job with her. I too think she'd like rather fine with a giant pink bow around her neck, but then I am always partial to pink bows!

  11. Have you ever thought of contacting Ree Drummond aka Pioneer Woman? I bet she'd love your art for the Lodge.

    1. I think i went to her blog once, and maybe suggested that i could paint her a cow, but never heard back. But wouldn't that be cool if she had one of my cows! If she showed a painting of mine on her blog i might sell enough paintings and prints that i could quit my day job!

  12. Miss Daisy is absolutely delightful, she has such a soft and gentle look about her. I am sure the lady will be so delighted when she sees her. Like you, in the past when having requests for commissions it can sometimes take away the delight of painting and you have to be in the right mood to start a commission. However, when you discover something special about the subject matter then you can produce magic like you have above.

    Lee :)

  13. I hope you have plans for making this available as a giclee....Miss Daisy will be a hit! I predict many requests for her....just saying:)

    1. I do plan to make her available as a giclee print! I love her too, and will probably get one for myself!

  14. Now that is a pretty cow! What a great artist you are!

  15. I love her! It is just gorgeous Cindy. Love your Christmas decor too, it's so soft and pretty.

  16. Hi lové l'y lady :)
    Dropping by to wish you a merry one.

    Hope to see how you did up your home for the holidays? And I wanted to ask how are you loving those wood ply painted floors? I am still looking to do this very same look!

    A Joyeux Noël to you and yours.


  17. So pretty. Really like your blog and am glad I discovered it!


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