Friday, June 17, 2011

An Amazing Scarf from Target Mixed in With Some Pretty Stuff...

My very Favorite light pink geranium... I hardly ever find this color around where i live, but i scored it at this little country convenience store down hwy old 86, where someone does the most amazing flowers and hanging baskets...

Ok, my sister and her daughter, who i might add,... knows every thing i like, found this amazing gauzy scarf at Target... So of course i draped it over everything in my house and took photos of it to show you... I love it !
It's like a fairy scarf...

on the banister.... where i have this random wreathy wired garland thingy with little white seeds,... it's actually really pretty, i have no idea where to put it right now, so of course i just hung it on the banister, because that's pretty much where i put everything i don't know what to do with... on the banister, or on the stairs to go upstairs....

on the sofa.... (oh my lord i hope this photo does not show the dog hair around the bottom of that sofa...)

on the pillow....
you should go get this scarf

another photo of the light pink geranium...

My favorite garden chair in the world....

(See this pink rose, it's called Abraham Darby, and it is wonderful and fragrant and everything good...)

I have two of these chairs, they're vintage, and they rock.... literally!

My window box...

A sweet little cherub sitting on some rocks with his toes in the water... see my broken solar lamp... i like this one, because the light is that pretty golden yellow, not that awful blue white light that some of them have....

Abraham Darby, faded Eden roses, white hydrangeas from Whole Foods, (i couldn't resist), some lavender, and other stuff from the garden... The air outside tonight smells like grass and flowers, and a touch of something delightfully musky... i wish i could bottle it... It's heavenly


  1. I love pink geraniums too, but my house needs brighter pink. I also had an Abraham Darby rose once upon a time...I had it in my NH garden for one summer and decided to transplant it to my Boston garden. On the ride home in the back of the truck Abraham Darby was eaten to a pulp by my dog. That was not nice and I have missed it ever since!

  2. Love your pictures of the old rusty chair happy Saturday


  3. i am running out to target! you & i zero in on the same shade of pink :)
    love the roses, (i have an Abraham too) And The Chair!

  4. Hi Cindy.....your sweet spot looks and sounds heavenly.



  5. Hey it is me again.....have you changed your blog look???? or am I going senile LOL LOL It looks great by the way.


  6. That arrangement of flowers in the last photo is stunningly gorgeous, Cindy! I've always admired the flowers in your yard--just drove by there tonight on my way home from library and enjoyed them as a matter of fact. (I promise I'm not a stalker--I realize that last comment sounds a little stalker-y!)

  7. i came back to see if karen worked on your blog, and it looks AMAZING!! I most love the new template with the huge pictures. Your header is totally perfect too! Are you thrilled?? I am!!

  8. Gorgeous post Cindy and i love your new banner!!
    That scarf is beautiful and i didn't see any dog hair lol !!!! Love these photos of the gorgeous flowers!!! Stunning ..and i love your couch!

    Pamela xo

  9. Cindy that bouquet in the last picture is stunning!

  10. I love your new blog look, stunning! Your post is beautiful and the fairy scarf is... well lets just say I want one! :)) Pretty shade of pink. Your arrangement of flowers is beautiful! The picture on my post is our cottage getaway not my home... I love the earth but I find the water just as soothing.
    Hugs Rosemary XX

  11. Gorgeous post! Love love love that dusty pink shade of the scarf! So pretty!

  12. Hi Cindy,
    What a gift it was to get your comment. I am being so good! I have been looking aorund your beautiful blog and it is so lovely!
    Your artwork is amazing too. I am going to love it here, I can tell already!

    I see we have the same wonderful iron angel. Don't you just love him!
    hugs from here...

  13. Love that scarf - it is gorgeous. I have been touring your blog - love it!


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