Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How Many Of You Have Decided You Wanted To Move Your Tree After It Was Fully Loaded With Decorations!?

Ok, so, of course, AFTER the tree was all decorated, i decided it needed to be in the dining room, NOT the living room... So i lifted it up , with ornaments dangling, getting caught in my hair, and cord dragging the floor, and i moved it, thank you very much... I found these cool mercury glass/rusty iron candle holders at TJ Maxx for around 12.99, and this awesome silver ball garland, for $12.99, and now i think that looks just fine.... and I think i'm finished..... for now...

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  1. Cindy you would not believe how many times I have moved my tree once it was totally decorated!
    I do not surprise my family any longer! Now my friends they just shake their heads and laugh!
    Thank God we have hardwood floors....its easier to scooch it across the room with out much mess!
    You are not alone! :-)

    Smiles, Dolly


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