Monday, October 21, 2013

Stripes and Feathers...

So, since i repainted my bedroom blue, i had to paint over the pink stripes on my bedside dresser, because they really just didn't look that good anymore in the room

But that's ok,

 Because there are millions of places to put stripes!

 and for some freaky reason, i like stripes... 
i don't even know what that's about
i really like buffalo gingham checks too
everytime i see them i love them

So anyway.... I just grabbed my Annie Sloan paint and walked myself right into the living room and commenced to putting stripes on the first thing i could find that was standing still, 
and that happened to be a little vintage chest innocently minding it's own business by the front door...

stripes are such an fun and easy way to make an impact 

when i look at these pictures, the stripes look like a little much, but in the context of the whole living room they add a great touch

and did you see those flowers in the first photo
the really soft pink one?

well, it is the most beautiful flower in the world ever

it's a dahlia and it's called 'Cafe Au Lait'

my photo doesn't even begin to do it justice... you should google it, it's an amazing flower and the color is like nothing in the world, peaches and creams and pinks... 

of course i got obsessed with it and tried to find some tubers, but every single place in the whole wide world is out of them...
i'm serious

you know how it is when you get obsessed about something and can't take no for an answer, and you start looking in places like Australia for them... 
that was me

this isn't 'Cafe Au Lait', it's another dahlia, still amazing, but not as completely perfect as the Cafe Au Lait
at least to me
but the pink is nice with the gray stripes isn't it! 

 in fact, ... why don't i have any dahlias in my garden?!
what's up with that!


I want to show you a new painting i did today too...

It was so fun to paint
i find feathers here and there every once in a while,  and i  decided it was time to paint a feather!

They really are so pretty

and i always sort of think of them as a special little message from the universe when i find one

it's funnest of all to find a cardinal or bluebird feather

but i like them all

 i had a beat up paint spattered little canvas... and since it was too late in the day to start a painting
i sketched a feather just for fun

i had forgotten how therapeutic it is to just sketch with pencils

and then this weekend, 
I painted it!
So here it is
It's a big painting 24 x 36
and very simple

this shows the scale of the painting
and how minimalist it is

sorry it's a bad photo taken at night

see the doggie bed all smushed up behind the easel - my little dog daisy always gets the hell outta the way when i'm painting because canvases have dropped on her head more than once...
she has no fondness for canvases !

It's very simple
But that's what i like about it

often 'the simple things' are the best things of all

you should have seen me, who is messy as anything, trying to keep the canvas clean and white while using all those dark colors

of course i'd use my rag to clean a messy spot, and it would drag through another spot on the painting with wet paint and smear someplace else on the canvas, 
and so on...

it would be kinda cool to do a series of three feathers wouldn't it!

but back to work tomorrow...
so that's for another day

I was taking a break from painting cows!

I sent Marian "Miss Mustard Seed" , her new cow painting last week... so she'll probably show that to you guys soon

and i have another cow i've painted that I'll show you too

...and that's all for now my sweet friends ...

...the end...


  1. Beautiful! The chest, the dahlias, and OMG the feather paintings! All beautiful! Yes, you should do a series of feathers.

  2. I love your feather...but you know how much I like minimalist is actually how I choose to paint. To most people my paintings look barely done but that is the way I enjoy look faded and barely there. It isn't easy keeping the canvas all white...I paint my canvas white to begin, I don't just leave it as white canvas but it is hard to see that in photos. I look forward to seeing your new cow!!!! I love all your cows...but my favorites are your ethereal landscapes!

  3. Cindy, I love the cabinet. Yes, I think a lot of use are getting away from patternless rooms and stripes and plaids are getting popular. My daughter painted wide stripes on one of her living room walls and it looks cool.

    Love your feather totally looks multi-dimensional! You are good! :)


  4. I love your striped little dresser by the front door. I saved it to my files for inspiration. Those dahlias are GORGEOUS. I have never grown them and never thought much about them until I started seeing them around blogland.

    Your feather painting is amazing and a series of three would be GREAT! xo Diana

  5. yaaaaaaa, sure it's therapeutic to sketch on a canvas...if you can sketch!!! i am in awe of your talent. it's therapeutic for me to read your posts. a feather study is an OUTSTANDING idea that i predict will change the world. why not? you're cindy friggin fractured fairytale. (don't you feel empowered now?). the paintings are fabulous!



  6. I love your stripes! It looks perfect to me. I was thinking you used to have a beautiful word on your wall--like Dream or something? Did you paint over that? I loved that. Can't wait to see the new cow for Miss Mustard seed. :) Your feathers are lovely too.

  7. The flowers are perfect with your new stripes! I hope you find some soon! I'm drawn to stripes too. They look wonderful in your room. Your feather painting is delightful, and so graceful. I love the way you just follow your instincts.

  8. love those stripes on the dresser. your room is coming together so beautifully.

  9. The painting is beautiful!!! I love the stripes too!! And your bedroom looks gorgeous. I love your new floor.


  10. Your dresser turned out FAB sister and that painting ..>WELL I have a perfect spot for it .. LEME get you my address and you can mail that beautiful painting to me.... All kidding aside its beautiful all of it . HUGS and blessings

  11. Your feather painting is just beautiful!!
    And I'm with you, I love stripes!

  12. The stripes on the cabinet are definitely not over the top. I'm always picking up feathers and bringing them inside. How I wish I had your talent and could paint them! That piece would have huge impact in a room with a cathedral ceiling.

  13. hey girlie!
    well, i just love the stripes and the crisp modern edge and contrast they give, to all of the shabby chic-ness. i also love the feather drawing and painting...i am a collector of feathers too, who isn't, right? when i walk on the beach, i pick them up with my! so, i just left about 20 name suggestions over at miss mustard seeds contest "name that cow". my faves are "auntie eller" or "monet" or "georgia" or "moo-lah" or "oreo".....whatever she is named, she is AWESOME!! i love herrr! miss mustard has gotten over 2000 comments on that post so you'd better expect some extra traffic here! i am so proud of you and your art!! have a great day. i can't wait to see what you paint next.

  14. I love love love it!! I love stripes to and big ones in pink too!! I used to have beautiful stripe wallpaper going up my staircase in my first house.
    Love the feather drawing man you are sooo good!! An amazing artist you are and i am so

    Pamela xo

  15. You are absolutely amazing Cindy---did you know that??? You are so very talented and such a sweet friend as well. I doubt that there is anything you can't do and if there was you would figure it out in no time! This chest is beautiful!!!! And don't even get me started on the sketch and painting of the feather. Absolutely amazing Cindy!
    I do love that pretty dahlia. So pretty. I can't believe I don't have any of them either.
    sending hugs your way...

  16. just saw miss mustard seed's posts...holy COW, mama. get down, gwendolyn. once again, i bow to you.

    hugs from the desert.


    in arizona with my mom in hospital.

  17. ...the fine details are always present with your paintings dear Cindy!
    from those tiny wisps of feather plumes to the eyelashes on your sweet lambs! perhaps it may appear minimalist, but as one looks closer, they can delight in the details!
    such a lovely, gifted eye you possess.
    xo, Rosemary

  18. Oh my gosh that feather is so stunning. I am still not receiving your updates so madly going over your recent posts Cindy. I also pinned an image and it looks like it was from your page, I am wondering if it is in your kitchen. Could you let me know as I am going to use it in a post and I prefer to link back to you. I had a look today but couldn't find it again.

    Here is the link to it on Pinterest.

    Is this image from your home?



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