Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pretty Blue and Cream Striped Rug, the Sideboard Saga Continues, And I Need Your Ideas, Because You Guys Know Stuff!

 I found this really cute Dash and Albert rug, and i like it on my yucky carpet stairs, but i have 2 dilemmas,  one is... how in the heck do i get it to stay put??? 
Do I nail it down, or do i go buy those stair bar thingys that hold rugs?  i bet they're expensive, can't i just nail it down, is that really really bad...  of course being really really bad never stopped me before.  
Right now my son is living upstairs,,, so lets see how long before he goes skidding down the steps on the cute rug, or before he sloshes something impenetrable by any cleaning agent known to man, like mustard and texas pete,  his favorite condiments... of course..

Number two dilemma is... it doesn't cover the whole stairs, I really need another one, but can i get by with just one???.  It costs $84.00,  hmmmm... It's really really cute... but another $84.00...  
Let me see, oil change, dentist, or really cute blue and white striped rug??? 

and remember this sideboard, the one i painted around 70 different colors before i gave up and painted it white... well, what do you think of this combination, with the gray and white... and maybe i'll do something on this sideboard, like the one at 
see in the next photo...  

here is the precious buffet  in her dining room, it has little designs painted on it, I could do that...
you HAVE to go to her blog, her photos will take your breath away, and her house is so cute it will make you hate your house... click here and you'll see     Dear Lillie

 Here is the sideboard when i first got it, it was free 
which was cool, except i've spent eleventy billion hours messing with it..

here is when i painted it blue and white, and i thought it looked too countrified

Here is where i gave up and finally painted it all back white again....

 and here is the latest attempt... what do you think?


  1. Hi Cindy,
    I think it's wonderful! I'm working on a small table right now that I cannot get the paint right on it. I keep painting the top over and over....I think it's an obsession! LOL!

    I love the D&A blue stripe rug but I'm not sure how to secure it without spending tons of money on those metal thingees. I hope some of the other bloggers can make a suggestion.


  2. I like the blue and white version the best. I like the grey too, but I think I like the softer contrast of the blue and white. I LOVE that rug. And yes, nail it in...that is kind of what they do anyway...I think you have to get some kind of nail that won't pull through the weave of the carpet. I mean the pros use a nail strip from the under side. Are you just going to put it over the current rug, or take that off and attach it to a wood floor? I would buy another runner or you might regret it later on. Yes, Dear Lillie can make you hate your house, but that isn't her point, I am sure of it! She is just one of those ladies with great taste, and edits her things so she doesn't have a lot of stuff.

  3. I love the rug , but can't help thinking about how dirty it will get. That's just me .
    I like the color of the buffet now , if you paint a simple flur-de-lea (I know that's not spelled right)on each door , it might look nice .

  4. just my 2 cents on the sideboard (since you asked!) to my eye there are enough details in the lines that to paint it more than one color would be 'too busy for grace.' (i think i just invented that term!)
    anyway, old pieces I think look nicer with soft, muted matte colors(in keeping w/their time period)...i have all the anne sloan purples & keep rotating through them! then with a little subtle distressing; letting some wood grain show throw, adds enough interest but doesn't overwhelm.
    Very Cool step runner!!! good score Cindy :)

  5. Hi Cindy! I agree with Dabney... The lines are so beautiful I think it looks best one color. What I would do is sand the edges to bring out the layers of paint or wood, and then put a gray glaze over the whole thing and let the glaze build up in the crevices. (but that's just me) The rug is fabulous!
    Are your stairs wood?? If they are, you could hammer upholstery tacks in a row,at the back edge of the tread, tight against the riser. It might be pretty cute! If you love the rug, I think you should spring for another one. In a month you won't even miss the money, but your stairs will look fabulous!! And you won't pass it all the time thinking.. "darn I need another rug" and then it won't be available.
    Anyway, those are two cents for they are worth. :)

    On another note.. I visited Dear Lillie's blog. Can you say FABULOUS?? I know you can!! Thanks for introducing me!

    Have a safe and happy 4th Cindy!!

  6. Hi Cindy! I love the rug, so maybe the table should have stayed blue and white! Just a thought. I know how much work goes into decorating it can be fun but at times a pain. Dear Liliie's blog is beautiful. I'm off tomorrow for a while do you have any holiday plans?
    Lots of hugs, Rosemary XX

  7. I love love the rug!! I think it looks fantastic! Stripes are so in now!
    The table looks great now so leave it! lol !!

    Pamela xo

  8. Hi Cindy,
    Your blog is beautiful! I love your style.

    Thank you for your comment and the pink peony you liked is Sarah Bernhart-it is beautiful and one of my favorites.

    Take care,

  9. Hi Cindy,

    I love how the stairs look with the blue and white stripe but like you said it will most likely end up stained which would be a shame,how about getting paint in the blue and white and tearing up the stair carpet and painting the rug design directly on to the steps so it could be mopped clean?

    I love the buffet in all white it is so pretty,

    Love Kristina x

  10. Free? I am so jealous! I need a buffet like this.

  11. Rip the carpet off the stairs and paint the wood like the carpet....put the runner in front of your kitchen sink....cause you know that rug is gonna get dirty on the stairs :)

  12. I like the latest best. Looks great!

  13. I agree....can you use the rug in a hallway or room and still enjoy it as much. I love the idea of it on the stairs but paint would be fabulous too!

  14. First - I ADORE that rug! Second, I am torn on the paint colors for the sideboard - I love all three options. It is such a pretty piece you can't go wrong. You did a fabulous job on it! And third, thank you so much for mentioning us! =)


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