Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I Can't Believe it's Been 2 Months Since I Posted...

Wow.  Time is moving at warp speed in my world.  At this rate, it  feels like it was just yesterday that i turned 60  - and before you know it,  i'll be 95 years old, and then i'll be dead. 

What i take from that is to have as much fun as possible every single minute of the day even if it's illegal

So, the summer wrap up... 

It rained a lot here

We went to the beach for four days, and of course i came back with a chair stuffed in the back of the car... Last year it was a sofa - so i guess that's the new Oak Island Beach tradition, bringing back furniture so big that you can't see out the back of the car while you're driving home for 3 hours 

Anyway, it's a kind of epic chair in a really different melon color that i sort of love

(you can see my Dorothy picnic basket on the stairs behind it, there is always something on the stairs)

when we were at the beach, we scooted over to Southport, the cutest little village right on a port at the beach... oh my gosh i love it there.  
Here is one of the darling houses in Southport - I love these colors together!

So that was the beach trip - really just nice

Of course there are always the antics of Daisy and Willow to come home to.

This is what Daisy thought was a really good idea

she's smiling isn't she...

and the main place she hangs out is on the white slipcovered sofa... 

Ummmmmm... should i let her in .... ever?!

Willow has totally dominated this box, turned it over and thinks she is super stealthy hiding here...

The rest of the summer was all about the garden, weeding, and lots of flowers!  Especially the Dahlias.  At the end of the summer, when everything else is weedy and raggedy, you get these pretty girls.  I have more pictures of Dahlias than i do of my children

so, when you have Dahlias you make pretty bouquets, 
which your cat then destroys, and chews on

and then you're on Google looking up
 "are Dahlias toxic to cats"  
"are crepe myrtles toxic to cats"
"are hydrangeas toxic to cats"

My friend helped me make the cutest fall wreath...

and I hung stuff on the clothesline

Put out some pretty pumpkins

Did a painting of a sweet mama with her fuzzy baby sheep...

and I did a little surprise painting for a friend, which is on the Fedex truck out for delivery to her right now!  

I can't wait to see if she likes it.   

The inspiration photo was thanks to Anita of Castles Crowns and Cottages.  
Here is her Instagram  
 it's a beautiful instagram account!

Thank you Anita!

and so that's pretty much it 

and now i've got to go, because I am at work and I'm soooo gonna get busted doing a blog post!


...the end...


  1. It's so nice to see a post from you. Your fur babies are adorable! Love that melon chair. I think it's beautiful!

  2. Enjoyed hearing about your last days of summer. Your dog is adorable dirty so I can only imagine what she would look like all clean....You really need to post more cause I enjoy your post.....and I'm a bored retired housewife so humor me.....hehehe

  3. Welcome back, Cindy! Omigosh, your flowers this year are absolutely stunning!! I miss having dahlias but I'll plant some for next year here at the new house. They are seriously the most lovely and the rainbow of colors they come in...yum! Are you going to do any paintings of the dahlias? The two close-up pics actually look quite a bit like your paintings. :) Great find in your new chair too--what a sophisticated shade of pinky-peachy-orange. Looks great in your living room!

  4. You have the most exquisite taste...I love that chair, and your art, and your whimsical writing style...you are so fun:)

  5. This is weird. I was just thinking of your paintings and went to look at them...then i see you posted about your layoff from blogging, so i timed it just right. who has time anymore? I am stuck in puppyland where all i do is take him in and out and try to prevent him from eating sticks and socks and rocks. But of course i finally figured out that he seemed like he was starving all the time so yesterday I thought i should google how many calories he needs...OMG well i was totally underfeeding him by about 50%!!!! Its funny but horrible!!!! So yesterday was the first day he ate normally and i hate to even admit this error. He seems like he gained two pounds in one day from eating the proper amount. Anyway I digress....I love that rustic table shot. I think I saw it somewhere on FB or instagram. I asked about the curtains, so when you have time shoot more of the room with those things in it as I NEED to see it. Also the melon chair is EPIC!!!! Its YOU all the way and somehow you always find the best and right stuff for your cottage. xo

  6. This is a post worth waiting for; dirty dogs, beautiful gardens, furniture finds, art and bad cats, it has it all! I'm pinning my heart out here.

  7. We have missed your posts and fabulous sense of humour Cindy. I am glad you got away for a few days holiday, that chair is delightful, I can just imagine you packing it into your car, something I would do myself.

    The Dahlia photograph makes me want to paint it and Daisy is so cute, she looks like she knows she has been into mischief. I used to have a white cat when I was younger and she was constantly cleaning her fur, I think she knew that she had to lick extra hard to keep herself spick and span.

    Like you, I wonder where time is going, I will be 60 next year and can't believe it. I don't feel it, I am told I don't look it and I do believe that it is just a number as long as we can keep healthy. I work in a charity shop one day a week and we have a regular customer who buys novels from us. She bought a couple of books set in Italy and asked me to look out for more. I said "Do you like Italy", she said "I spent 6 months there once and fell in love with the country and the people." Now I had thought this lady was about 85, I asked, her when she went to Italy, she said after her husband passed away so I was thinking that it must have been many years ago. I asked her how old she was when she went there, she said "75"!! , I said, do you mind if I ask your age?, she said no not at all I am 95!! I was astounded, she has all her faculties, loves books, visits our shop weekly, she is spritely and she went to Italy on her own at the age of 75 for six months. She also told me she spent a week in Honolulu last year with her family then stayed an extra 4 days on her own as she loved it so much. I felt so encouraged by this lady and although our lives might be rushing by Cindy but we can still have a life ahead and an interesting one if we follow her path :)

    Next time she comes in I am going to ask her secret to a long and healthy life and I will let you know what she says.


  8. I really love the melon chair! For me it's perfect! Wonderful post from you. Thanks for sharing!

  9. That is a mighty fancy chair you dragged home from the beach! Somehow I was expecting to see some rotten broken rickety thing that I personally would schlep from the curb. I love your fall vignette with that peely lovely table and baby pumpkins. And your dahlias are beyond. No flowers here. Just a bunch of dust, nails and glops of drywall mud. Oy. May we never ever even speak of doing this again. Glad you updated us on stuff--I cannot get enough of fractured fairy tales ya know. Peace.

  10. I love your taste! Very exquisite. The melon chair is to die for!

  11. Your chair is gorgeous..and it's pink...and no way would I have passed that up either!
    Beautiful flowers, I bet the winters are long... and you miss them. Everything around here will be dead soon. Sounds horrible...but that's life in the midwest.
    Beautiful painting!! Oh I bet she is thrilled with it!!

  12. Welcome back... and the chair is Epic so well worth cramming into the car during the vacay and schlepping Home with you! At least it didn't take up so much room you didn't need to leave anyone behind at the Beach... did you? *winks* So good to get caught up with what you've spent the end of Fall doing... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. Glad your back! I always wait for your posts. The chair is so pretty! I would have stuffed it in
    my car too. Love the painting. I love the little beautiful sheep!


  14. Cindy, I LOVE your blog! So glad I found it. It is always good to see you! You are a delightful beautiful inspiration! xo Lynn


  16. Auguri per ogni sorriso che ti farà star bene, per ogni sogno che vorrai realizzare, per ogni bacio che ti scalderà il cuore. Buon anno!

  17. Okay...I came over to see what is new with you for the New Year, and for some reason this post is stuck here from October???? Hellooooooo.....anybody out there?! I LOVE the chair, LOVE IT!!! I would have hauled it home on my back if I had to...well, actually I would have called the Cata(that's the city bus here). I would have had to buy at least 59 tokens to get home, but it would have been worth it!! Seriously...I hope your holidays were good, and the new year will be even better than last. Oh yeah, like your pets....my toy poodle eats anything green. She grazes like a stinkin' cow. I don't relish doing CPR on a dog...but I know that someday she's going to OD on something "green"....even if it's just a sock. I mentally prepare myself, daily, to put my lips on hers....because I will if I have to....what we don't do for the little critters, right? anyway....
    Looking forward to a new post here....???
    Love ya.


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