Friday, June 10, 2011

A Delightful Color...

My friend Karan, of Spruce Antiques and Interiors, a precious little shop in Hillsborough, NC... decorated the Visitors Center in Chapel Hill, NC several years ago. She and I were there last night hanging some of my paintings up for the Friday night art walk. Even though she decorated this space 4 years ago, the style is still fresh and timeless. The colors and fabric she used were Delightful! So I snapped a few quicky photos to show you guys... as usual my photos are not that great, but you can a least see some of the colors...

Look at these yummy vintage corbels, they're wonderful! They were huge!

And i would never have picked this wall color... but it is delightful...! that's the word that comes to mind whenever i look at it. It's bright and fresh, yet soft, and handles different lighting beautifully... It's such a happy color

They weren't able to do molding in the inner square, so she just had it painted on...

The fabric on the slipcovered chairs is just as sweet as it can be, but not too sweet... The print is dogwood blossoms, the state flower, how cool is that!

The coffee table above is soooooo cute, and was made from old windows... and you can see a teeny peek of the complementary fabric she used on an ottoman, and a bench which you can't see because my photograph was so bad... sorry...

primitive cabinet with the original old paint... my goodness!

I think she said she had this long entry table made, she was doing that wonderful gray color before it was cool! And all the colors she used had to be able to handle multicolored brochures... amazing Karan!

i couldn't resist adding this scrumptious photo from, Rachel Ashwells site. If you haven't already seen this photo, feast your eyes! As you can see... my friend karan was using this color 4 years ago!

and one last reminder, to me and to you....believe in your dreams...


  1. Beautiful Cindy! I love everything!
    Your art is incredible!!

    Pamela xo

  2. This is one of my favorite blogs and I get so happy to see a new post! Your artwork looks great in her store!! I love that primitive cabinet.

  3. What a fun tour! I've been wanting to visit her shop (esp as my son's name is Spruce) Are those your florals above the sideboard? How long will they be up? Lovely!!!!

  4. Hi Cindy,
    Your artwork is amazing and the decor in her shop is so pretty.


  5. Hi Cindy....I'm so pleased for you that your art is in the artwalk.


  6. I love many shades of green this one I can see why you love it so much! Your artwork is incredible looks beautiful displayed in her shoppe.
    Hugs Rosemary


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