Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I HAD to Show Ya'll This....

Just LOOK at this crazy romantic sofa!

You may remember i have a friend who has a shop with two other partners

I am the featured artist for the shop
My friend always gets really jealous when other shop owners want to sell my work
and she'll say
"You are exclusive to my shop!"
she's sooo bossy about it too!

But it makes me feel kinda good for someone to get jealous over me and my work
so i kinda like it...

seeeeee... here is one of my paintings at an event held at the shop


Anyway, one of the partners brought this sofa in to sell the other day

I almost fell over dead when i saw it!

Isn't it fun and cool and pretty!

the coral, white and gray pillows from Home Goods look so great on it too... 
a modern touch to the whole Romantic, Hollywood Regency flair and fluff

it even has a matching chair!

Donna, the partner who discovered and redid it said,

  "you should have seen it when i found it"!!

which says to me that the sofa must have looked fairly rough around the edges
most likely with some very dated worn fabric and cushions

She had it covered it in a heavy soft white linen

and tada!
a masterpiece!
she looks like a million dollars! 

i thought ya'll would get a kick out of it too

...the end...


  1. That is crazy gorgeous Cindy! I'm glad you saw it and not me because hubby would have had to build on just so I could fit it in. That is an awesome piece! I think you should feel very special about being so appreciated...because you ARE!!!!
    sending hugs...

  2. I'm so impressed with people who refinish and upholster furniture! The white is sensational! And they are right to fight over you!

  3. What a gorgeous set ( and a bonus to have the chair too!!! )
    Love that it's all white - really gorgeous!

  4. That sofa is fit for a princess! The carving stands out so well in the white paint and I like it with no pattern on the fabric.

  5. OMGOSH,Cindy- That is just a gorgeous, gorgeous sofa. Your painting is beautiful, too. I love your posts and always look forward to them- xo Diana

  6. Hi Cindy,
    It's 2die4!!! Please tell me you took it home with you.


  7. Wow, Cindy! Wow, it is gorgeous as is your painting!

  8. I was wondering the samething as Sissie, Cindy. Did you take it home with you?? :) It's unusual and just beautiful! Hey, take a look at some of the photos on my blog, girlie. I thought of you when I took the mystical, moody one. :)

    xoxo laurie

  9. OMGOOOOOOOOOODNESS that is the best sofa and chair ever. I would of found a way to purchase that set............GOOD GRAVY talk about perfect .. Hope that you took that home with you . LOVE LOVE LOVE

  10. That is very pretty--but I am guessing you didn't take it home?

  11. wow i love it!! It's beautiful. I bet you wanted to take it home.


  12. Oh, oooooo! Dearest Cindy a true friend who so gets my artistic passion, although it does not compare to your talents in painting art, I so could be your neighbor leaching on to you and soaking up all your talent in art,in hopes that I too could inspire something of me that you would so cling to.
    I could see us having a blast shaking up that town with creativeness lol!

    When you visit me it joys my day more then you can imagine, your artistic spirits lift one soulfully.
    I being that one :)

    Lots of inspiration to you my friend,
    And a beautiful place for your art, a perfect place one can rest their eyes on in good company of grace and beauty, perfectly perfect.


  13. oh yeah its a stunner!~thanks Cindy now don't go and buy that....

  14. Exclusive!!! That makes u feel special huh??? Yeah that sofa is right cute!

  15. Hold on back it up....back it up.When did you paint your walls black??Where did I miss that? LOVE the back with your beadboard....Gorgeous!And yes that sofa and chair are rocking gorgeous too! Amazing cool finds! They should be jealous because you are an amazing artist!

  16. How gorgeous is this sofa? And it has a matching chair? Be still my heart! How could you resist bringing it home? Wow! So, so pretty! Hugs, Leena

  17. OOOOOOlala, I'm in sofa envy right now, my father in law owns a Frenchie style sofa like this but it needs serious recovering. I'm trying to talk him into getting it done but he's not too keen on it. And how lucky they are to have your art in their shop too!

  18. Ohhhh!!! I LOVE the chair! I mean both pieces are gorgeous, but I adore the chair! (have I ever mentioned I have a slight fetish for chairs?!) :)
    OH..and about my pottery barn table...I KNOW!!!! I could have died when I saw it! She was actually asking $375.00 but, being the cheapo person I am, I offered her $250.00 and she TOOK IT! lol I was thrilled! (still am!) lol
    I do love how my dining room walls turned out. They look so much harder than they actually were...the math was the hardest part of all of it, so once I figured that part out, the rest was just running back and forth to the saw to make cuts and nail them up. :) hee hee hee
    Love you sweet lady! I miss our chats..we should set up a Skype session or something...wouldn't that be fun?!

  19. I am still bamboozled that I am not getting your email updates yet again Cindy, really strange and very annoying as I am reminded to pop over when you leave lovely comments on my blog. So, just catching up from the last time I got an update. I LOVEEEEE the sofa, its stunning, I am also thinking of upcycling an old vintage cane and mahogany one belonging to my mother. I am just running around trying to get quotes for the re-upholstery which I cannot do myself. I am just hoping it wont make it too expensive to do. Meanwhile its in my neighbour's garage.

    Your painting is fabulous and you have to take it as a compliment that your friend doesn't want your work anywhere else, galleries are much the same. That painting is amazing, I think you underestimate your skills. Have you ever held a solo exhibition?

    I will go and read some more posts.

    Lee :)


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